Food Haven at 77: The Newest Food Park in Kapitolyo


Food Haven at 77Bulalo Mami – P250

Bulalo Mami is a classic Filipino dish perfect for the cold Christmas season. The soup is rich in flavors and the bulalo is very tender. The bowl is huge enough for sharing and Pinoys are sure to love this.

Food Haven at 77Callos – P240

The Callos is ideal if you want a Spanish dish. The dish is composed of beef tripe and ox feet meat. The meat is tender and tasteful, but it may be an acquired taste for some people. Nonetheless, you have to try it!

United Nachos

Food Haven at 77Mexico Flavor – Mucho P230 (yellow chips); USA Mucho 230 pesos (colorful chips)

Their name originates from “United Nations” and brings together various nacho dishes and toppings inspired from different countries around the world. Such a cool concept! We got to try their Mexico and USA nachos. Overall, they have the perfect size of nacho chips and the right amount of cheese sauce. We prefer the Mexico nachos because of the hint of spice, but we do feel that it needed more toppings and meat.

Kapit Sisig

Food Haven at 77Sisig Crossing (Authentic Kapampangan)- P200

This Kapampangan-inspired stall serves its specialty dish, Sisig Crossing. The dish is really good! The flavors are there. It has a smoky taste. The serving is generous and leans toward the chewy side – just the way I like it!


Food Haven at 77Chorizo Sisig – P445

Laventana serves non-traditional Filipino dishes with a hint of inspiration from European dishes and flavors. Laventana believes that the window to one’s soul is through their tummy!

One of their special dishes is the Chorizo sisig served with 3 eggs topped with chicharon, scallions, and calamansi. The dish leans towards the salty side, though, so it’s best to pair it with rice. Don’t forget some calamansi to blend it all together.


Food Haven at 77All the skewers, egg plant, etc. P15/20/35/40

Holding onto its name is the FireStation that serves multiple dishes in skewers! The grilled flavor is great and the spice in every stick is sure to give you that super kick! I especially like the eggplant because the charred flavor goes really well with it. Price ranges from P15 to P40 for each order.

Fiyah! Peri Peri Chicken

Food Haven at 77Fiyahi Chicken Quarter Chicken Set – P160

We got served a succulent flame-grilled chicken leg quarter that filled up our bellies. The portion is big and the charred bit is really good.

Fibonacci Pizza Di Vino

Food Haven at 77 Prosciutto & Arugula- P329

Food Haven at 77California BBQ – P289

This Neapolitan Style Brick Oven Pizza serves food that I only hear about in cooking shows, like the Prosciutto & Arugula pizza and California BBQ!

Prosciutto is an “Italian dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked” and has an innate salty taste. We really love the California BBQ and recommend it for thin crust pizza lovers. The BBQ sauce is sweet and savoury, plus the cheeseeee!!! Must-try!

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