Flourless Dessert Ideas We Should Try Soon

If there’s one thing I won’t be able to disregard in my diet plan, it would be my love for desserts. I. Cannot. Live. Without. Desserts. The chewy nutty brownies, moist dark chocolate cake, and more will eternally remain my life-saver.

Mr. and Mrs. Cupcakes affordable cakes in a jar

But since Diabetes runs in the family, I have to be more serious. I had to give up a huge amount of sugar intake both in carbs and desserts. I became cranky and I tell you, the mood swings are real! Not until a friend of mine divulges the wonders of “gluten-free” products. And I’m like what’s that?

The first time I heard the term was when my Lupus warrior/friend, Ky Malupa shared her healthy journey on Facebook. She disclosed that she will take out gluten in all her food to help her fight Lupus. Then a good friend also shared that her dad, who is also a doctor, recommended trying eliminating gluten in an attempt to reduce her son’s allergy attacks. Surprisingly, this term has been famous but only a few could explain this.

There are many hypotheses about gluten being the culprit. Although there’s a lack of medical resources explaining why it’s bad for our health, people are still abuzz about gluten-free products. Ideally, gluten is mostly found in grains and wheat, which are primary ingredients of pasta and pastries. Due to its components of carbohydrates and calories, it is often associated with developing chronic diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes, gut and intestinal infections, and other autoimmune diseases.

However, a few said the quality of taste might change. It might be but eliminating gluten in your favorite desserts doesn’t mean sacrificing the flavor. So, if you have a sweet-tooth like me, you better roll-up your sleeves and start writing these gluten-free desserts recipes!

Flourless Brownies by TheBakerMama

Photo by TheBakerMama

Chocolate is equally delicious and healthy. Studies show that dark chocolate is healthy and apparently helps lower bad cholesterol. This recipe shared by Meagan, and I kid you not – she only used five (5) ingredients to make this decadent, soft, and chewy gluten-free brownies! You may get the recipe at www.thebakermama.com.

Blueberry Cheesecake by Ky Malupa

I’ve already tried Ky’s desserts when I ordered cupcakes one of my birthday parties. It wasn’t as sweet as the cupcakes sold commercially. Although I haven’t tried her gluten-free blueberry cheesecake I’m 100% sure it’s delightful!

4- Ingredient Flourless Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Chocolate + Banana + Peanut Butter = Reese’s flavor, which apparently, are no longer available in the market. But regardless, you could still create the flavor yourself! Such is this flavorful and flourless banana chocolate bread of TheBakerMama.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is equally delicious and healthy. Studies show that dark chocolate is healthy and apparently helps lower bad cholesterol. This recipe shared by realsimplefood.com will make you drool! Look how chocolate-y and dense this cake is!

So, do you have any flourless recipes for me to try? Please, please share it with us so we can include them in the next article or I could actually cook it right now. 🙂 


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