Flossom Kitchen + Café: Serving Modern Comfort Food with a Twist

More and more instagrammable cafes are popping up nowadays. Aesthetic values are what draw customers in, especially if millennials are the target; they just adore everything photogenic! However, it’s rare to find a beautiful cafe that serves equally satisfying food. Sometimes, you just go to ‘trending’ cafes for the look and never bother coming back as soon as you get a picture. One cafe in San Juan, on the other hand, makes sure that you go back again and again: check out Flossom Kitchen + Café. 

This is one champorado you would want to try

Flossom Kitchen Ca is located at Flossom compound, San Juan. It is a nature-inspired cafe that serves your typical comfort food with an added twist to elevate the food experience. Imagine eating champorado on a rainy day. But instead of cocoa, it’s ube. All their food are like that—pleasantly surprising, but, definitely, always comforting.  

The owners, Jessica Wong and Betrina Lee, also take into account the overall experience. While they make sure that their food is impeccably delicious, they want the customers to adore the other factors, as well. Starting off with their well-lit, minimalist, and nature-esque interior, it’s really visually stunning. You can basically do a flatlay everywhere, capture moments while enjoying a cup of coffee, and add flare to your IG feed by doing a neon light shot by their logo.  

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What you’ll also love about Flossom Kitchen + Café is that they have sockets everywhere and a fiber-optic wifi. If you live in/near San Juan, this might just be the perfect working space for you. 

Aside from the main seats, they also have two other spaces: the glasshouse and the smoking area.  

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The glasshouse is an extension that can be used if the main tables are occupied, but it can also be rented as an event space. For just PHP 20,000 you and your group can own that corner to yourselves for four hours. That amount is fully consumable, so you already got the food covered for your program. A group of barkada actually rented the glasshouse just to host a movie marathon! 

Here’s what you can expect from Flossom Kitchen + Café: 

Chicken Tenders (Spicy Buffalo Sauce)

If you love buffalo wings, you will enjoy this even more. You won’t have to bother getting your hands dirty to eat this because they made it bite-sized; equally delicious (if not more) without the hassle!

Ultimate English Breakfast

The menu says this jumbo platter is good for two, but I say three people (with average appetite) would also do! Visually, it’s already filling with all the variants—pancakes, bacon, ham, mushrooms, beans, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, and a baguette! The pancake is definitely the star of the plate because of its fluffiness. Match it with the other food and you’re definitely starting your morning right.

Baked Meatloaf

Their baked meatloaf is their own version of Embutido. This meat really packs a punch as it has a perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. It’s served with melted mozzarella cheese and cream, so that flavor is amplified with this gooey-but-yummy sauce.

Molten Lava Burger

With just the name, you know it’s already going to be something good. If you order the Molten Lava Burger, you will be served a plate of juicy Angus Beef burger. I’m not kidding when I said juicy—with just a bit of the tender meat, it practically melts in your mouth. If that doesn’t make it appetizing already, Flossom Kitchen + Cafe will be pouring a sizzling hot pan of cheese on top of the burger. I highly recommend that you try this one when you go to their cafe.

Mushroom Truffle Risotto (with extra salmon) + Egg Tartufata

Truffles are gold when it comes to cuisine. This expensive ingredient has a distinct taste that most people long for after tasting it. If you try their Mushroom Truffle Risotto, that’s exactly what you’ll feel afterwards—a craving for another bowl. This is personally my favorite; it’s creamy, it’s flavorful, and it’s oh-so-filling. Just one bowl is guaranteed to make you feel full.

The Egg Tartufata may get you asking, “what’s a tartufata?”. It’s basically another version of truffles added with olive oil and spices. A spoonful of that on top of the pasta is enough to make the whole bowl taste amazing once you mix it all up. If you’re in the mood for carbonara, it has the same white sauce with an extra that you didn’t know you needed.

Looks good, doesn’t it? Going all the way to San Juan is going to be worth your time. Once you try Flossom Kitchen + Café, you would want to come back! 


Flossom Kitchen + Café

187 N Averilla, San Juan, Metro Manila 

 Store hours:
8am – 10pm (Monday – Thursday)
8am – 11pm (Friday – Sunday)  

For booking and inquiries:
T: (02) 356 69 00
Email: flossomkitchencafe@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/flossomkitchencafe/ 


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