LOOK: These Neon Portraits Will Give You Major Photography Goals

Neon photography is a big thing right now. And while it may not be everybody’s cup of tea, I personally find them extremely stunning.

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I recently came across some stunning neon portraits on the Internet by photographer and music video director Jasper Lawan, who also does cinematic photography. Check them out:

Jasper shares that he started doing neon portraits when he started working with people who love this particular aesthetic. He points out that the most important part is still the collaborative process between him and his subjects, though. “It’s such a fun procedure when we hybrid our ideas,” he adds.

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 10b

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 9b

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 8

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 7

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 6

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 5

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 4

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 3

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 2

Jasper Lawan Neon Portraits 1

You can check out his complete set of neon portraits for DJ Patty Tiu here.

Jasper also looks forward to release exclusive prints and photo books someday,  as well as continue working with brands and influencers, share his creative treatments to their products, and also collaborate with passionate local or international artists.

His tips for aspiring photographers? “Get crazy! Trial and error, make mistakes and learn from them because the best part is the learning process. Endless possibilities and don’t forget to have fun!”

If you are interested in having your own neon portrait set with Jasper, including prints, feel free to contact him with the details below!

Jasper Lawan


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialJasperLawan/

Instagram: @jasperlawan

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