Flesh-Eating Bacteria Can Be Found Anywhere – Here’s How To Prevent It From Infecting You

In June, it was reported that more people are getting infected by flesh-eating bacteria from the ocean. According to EcoWatch, experts warn that this might become more frequent because the world’s oceans are warming and the presence of this bacteria increases with warmer temperatures. The site also mentioned the bacteria enter humans through open wounds or after consuming raw seafood.

“Flesh-eating bacteria or Necrotizing Fasciitis is the fascia, which is the layer underneath the skin, gets inflamed and infected. It’s basically a glorified cellulitis infection, which is very common,” Dr. David Rizzo shared to Mysuncoast.com, a local news and weather forecast website from Florida.


A woman from Florida infected with the flesh-eating bacteria fell into the water and cut her leg has died in the previous month. It was reported that she experienced extreme pain in the afternoon and after a few days, her leg turned black. She was diagnosed with the necrotizing fasciitis and subsequently suffered from two strokes, kidney failure, and sepsis, NBC reports.

In a more successful case, the mom of a 12-year-old girl survived from the same incident as she felt a similar pain that began from her leg and traveled to her entire body wrote in a Facebook post. The little girl was rush to have emergency surgery which fortunately rescued her life and prevented the doctors from cutting off her leg.

Mysuncoast.com shares that if you want to prevent yourself from experiencing this, be sure not to expose any open wounds even when you’re not swimming because apparently, the flesh-eating bacteria can be anywhere.

“When you hear the word “flesh-eating bacteria” you automatically think it’s going to spread throughout your body and just consume you. Can it? Yes, but that’s if it’s left untreated. You have to do the right thing and seek medical attention,” Dr. Rizzo also added.

So, folks, no beach? No raw seafood? Most importantly, no open wounds.

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