Flawless Beauty Drip: The Ultimate Antioxidant

Flawless Beauty Drip: The Ultimate Antioxidant

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My regular visits at Flawless is something which I consider really vital in my life right now. Getting a facial at Flawless is something which I always look forward to, for they always provide pleasurable relaxing experiences!

During my last visit though, I discovered they were offering their newest treatment, ¬†the Flawless Beauty Drip¬† at 30% off so I didn’t hesitate to give it a try!

Upon seeing the sign at the entrance, I immediately asked their staff about the Beauty Drip and found out it was actually the best way for my body to absorb much needed anti-oxidants. For many years, my parents gave me countless food supplements containing anti-oxidants. All along I thought I was absorbing them all in my system but was shocked when the staff oriented me about this innovative product.


Did you know that taking vitamins orally can render up to 85 percent of the pill useless?

In other words, when you ingest a¬†500mg vitamin C¬†capsule, only about 75mg or 15 percent of the active nutrients may eventually find their way into your bloodstream. With the intravenous system, clients get much higher concentrations of nutrients delivered directly to their body’s cells, thus resulting to better absorption and utilization.

When vitamins and anti-oxidants are injected directly to your bloodstream, they get to immediately enter into your cells thus triggering the body’s healing process significantly faster compared when the vitamin was taken orally.

 What is Flawless Beauty Drip?

It’s an innovative service that makes use of an advanced medical technique to make it easier for your body to efficiently absorb nutrients through intravenous application.

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 Flawless Beauty Drip marks another milestone for the brand as the first widely-available all-in-one intravenous mix in the country. Each 200 cc bottle contains high doses of anti-free radical vitamins, including vitamin C, B complex and Glutathione. These nutrients are known for helping the body recover from all sorts of damages by boosting the health of cells.


Anyway here’s what happened during my Beauty Drip treatment:

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The Beauty Drip Kit


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After mixing all the anti-oxidants in the dextrose, they then performed the procedure while I was having my facial. I felt uneasy at first, but good thing I don’t really have any fear of needles.¬†

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I was assisted by the staff the whole time so I didn’t feel nervous through-out the procedure. Every Flawless branch always has a doctor on duty so I requested for her to facilitate the treatment.


The Flawless Beauty Drip is regularly priced at P7000/session. The treatment lasts for about 45 minutes and promises to deliver dramatic results when done regularly. Effects include a lighter and more radiant skin, stronger immune system, better circulation and sleep, and improved mental functions.


Expect to feel energized immediately after each treatment! ¬†It may be a bit costly but I swear, the experience is all worth it! I won’t mind investing for a couple more treatments for as long as I’m assured of getting the proper nutrients which my body needs!¬†


After that wonderful treatment, the staff also recommended I should try their Acculift or their non-surgical facelift! Hmmmm I think my mom would love that too!



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Flawless Beauty Drip: The Ultimate Antioxidant

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