Five ways you can watch the NBA Playoffs

If you’re a huge fan of basketball and the NBA, you know it’s win or go home time. The NBA is only in the midst of the first round of the playoffs but we’ve already seen some interesting games and crazy stuff in the first two weeks.

I’m sure Filipino NBA fans wouldn’t want to miss any of the playoff action happening, so here are five ways you can catch the postseason games.

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It’s always a treat watching basketball while in the company of family and friends. Most who do try to catch the games at different sports bars in the metro. Some places even offer discounted packages and special platters for people who come and watch in groups. A few spots you can hit up are SNAPS in Sofitel, Skinny Mike’s in BGC, and several branches of BUGSY’s, Friday’s and Buffalo Wild Wings across Metro Manila.

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There’s nothing like enjoying all the NBA action in the comfort of your own home, while sitting right on your own couch. There are a few cable providers in the country that offer sports channels like BTV, NBA Premium and Fox Sports. Some of the games are also televised on free TV on the ABS-CBN and S+A channels. Jot down the schedules and invite some friends over so you can all cheer for your favorite NBA teams.


If you’re too busy to catch any of the games at home, you might be able to watch them during your workouts or training sessions. A number of fitness gyms across Metro Manila have TVs which most of the time have sports channels on. So while on the treadmill or on the stationary bike, you can lose weight, tone those muscles and cheer on your favorite NBA team at the same time.


Some groups organize special viewing parties, especially during the latter part of the playoffs, that you can also go to. In the past, BTV and NBA Premium have been known to host viewing parties at awesome venues. It’s a good place to mingle with fellow NBA fans and at the same time win special prizes while watching the games.



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If you’re mostly out and about or stuck in the office for most part of your day, you may opt to purchase NBA League Pass. With the on-demand service, you will be able to watch all the games, anytime and anywhere, in crystal-clear HD format. Plus you’ll be able to watch all your favorite shows on the NBA TV channel. The good thing about NBA League Pass is you can stream it on your phone, tablet or laptop!


Where are you watching the NBA Playoffs?