Five Things not to Do on Public Transportation

When in Manila, I can’t count how many times I’ve encountered people acting unethically while riding on public vehicles. It annoys me everytime I’m trying to relax on my way to work/home and these people would do something to get into my nerves. And now that I’ve got a chance to get back to these nuggets, wow! The feeling’s incomparable!




MRT in the Phils. (must be CUBAO Station lol pun intended)



Five Things not to Do on Public Transportation



1. Save seats for your family/friends. Hello, it isn’t called public transportation for nothing. The person standing in front of you deserves an equal chance to get into that vacant seat beside you. But of course there are exceptions, like when your company’s handicapped/elderly/child/suffering from scoliosis, etc. Remember it’s exception, not excuse.



2. Not taking a shower for days. Please, we’ve had enough nausea smelling the sweet scent emanating from our fellow MRT commuters. And when we’re on the jeepney, if you’ll ever try to raise that arm while giving the fare, make sure you’ve slathered some deo on those pits beforehand okay? And you could pop some mints too, y’know. Try extra strong. lol



3. Blatantly complaining inside the MRT/LRT like when it’s rush hour, there’s hardly any space to breathe and your breads get smashed. True story. LOL)



4. Talk on your phone too loudly. For crying out loud! We wouldn’t wanna overhear your business dealings or booty calls or something. (Don’t shower us with your saliva too!) And in case you receive some unsolicited guffaws, don’t say you weren’t warned.



5. Eat/drink and mess up. The last thing we want to smell on the FX is the wonderful aroma of shawarma/rice on a box/cheeseburger. Worse, we don’t want our uniforms stained first thing in the morning just because you accidentally spilled your soda.





One of those ‘rare’ days lol



And the list goes on. I’m sure everyone has their own take when the topic is about things not to do on public transportation. Now’s the time to let out all that angst you’ve been keeping over the years! Tell us your stories! We’d love to hear them from you. Open-mouthed smile 



P.S. Keep your hands/lips off your girl/boy/gay/lesbo lover for the meantime. If you can’t be help it, I suggest you alight at the nearest stop and hail a cab to the nearest lover’s nest instead lol.