Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting This Mobile Phone

Are you like me who is now lost from all the different phones coming out on the market every few months? I have been holding on to my old mobile phone for more than 4 years now, and have been wanting to upgrade to a new phone with a really good camera but I do not want to spend much since my toddler might “accidentally” throw it.

Finally, Huawei has released P20 Lite that captured our hearts with its high-end design sold in a mid-range package. Here are some of the things we love about Huawei P20 Lite.

5. Excellent camera phone

Selfies are made better with Huawei’s P20 lite, which has a good pixel count with its 16MP selfie camera (with f/2.0 aperture) and a 16MP rear camera paired with a 2MP secondary sensor. Expect a sharper image capture and a higher contrast in photos. See sample unedited images below:

4. Gestures for shortcut operations have improved.

If you’re a Huawei user, you might have experienced the “knuckle” shortcut gesture, which may be hard for some to do. Huawei P20 Lite now uses the three-finger and 1-finger swipe method for faster and easier shortcut operations. You may now record with just a flick of your fingertips.

3. You may create multiple users on your phone.

It’s possible to create separate user accounts on your phone if you need to lend your phone to someone else, but don’t want them accessing your private files and information. Also, with App Twin, you may log in to two (2) social media accounts at once without the hassle of constantly switching between them, allowing you to keep your work and private life separate.

2. Great value for money!

Huawei P20 Lite is very affordable plus there are lots of fun colors to choose from.

For just Php 15, 990, you can now have your own P20 series in Klein Blue (with glitter cover film), Sakura Pink, Midnight Black, and Platinum Gold.

Note: P20 Lite will be available in 4GB/64GB (internal storage) variants only. The P20 Lite can be expandable via microSD up to 256GB.

1. The size is PERFECT!

Lately, mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger for one hand texting and navigation. Bigger units may be great for watching videos, but I personally find it really hard to text and navigate using one hand only. Huawei’s P20 Lite is the perfect fit. It’s not small, and not too big. With 5.84-inch IPS LCD display and a full HD of 2280 x 1080 pixels, this is truly the perfect sized phone!

window-type aircon remote control for comparison

Huawei P20 Lite will be available in the Philippines starting April 28, 2018. Reserve yours now!

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