Five Reasons Why I Love Wrestlemania


When in Manila, and you love pro wrestling, then I bet you know the  biggest pro wrestling event of all time…WRESTLEMANIA! Wrestlemania is World Wrestling Entertainment’s answer to the NFL’s Super Bowl or to the NBA’s annual NBA Finals. Last April 3rd (April 4th in our timezone), fans got to watch Wrestlemania 32. There were new champions, returning WWE legends, and even special guests which included a world famous rapper and an NBA Legend. Things like that make me love this certain WWE event. But in VINTAGE WIM tradition, let me give you five reasons why I love the annual WWE event known as Wrestlemania


Five Reasons Why I Love Wrestlemania


 nakamura-vs-zayn-when-in-manilaSami Zayn and the debuting Shinsuke Nakamura squared off at NXT Takeover: Dallas


1. Pre-Wrestlemania Events

Compared to WWE’s monthly Pay-Per-View events, Wrestlemania has a lot in store for the fans. Every year  it holds a couple of pre-Wrestlemania events. This year, the fans experienced probably one of the biggest pre-Wrestlemania events yet in the form of NXT Takeover: Dallas. Pro Wrestling fans such as myself got to see big time match ups such as the versitile Sami Zayn take on the debuting international pro wrestling icon Shinsuke Nakamura. The man known as the “The King of Strong Style” put on a great match with WWE NXT favorite Sami Zayn in what I felt was the match of the night (and maybe one of the top matches of the weekend if we include the rest of the Wrestlemania 32 matches).


shaq-big-show-wrestlemania-when-in-manilaShaq and The Big Show confront each other at Wrestlemania 32


2. Special Guest Appearances

Wrestlemania, being WWE’s version of the Super Bowl, definitely had a number of great special guest appearances. In the past, we have seen famous faces such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Cyndi Lauper, Liberace, and many more.

Wrestlemania 32 wouldn’t be any different. We already talked about in the last article how NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal made his appearance in the 20-Man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but now let’s talk about another special guest who made an impact that night, Snoop Dogg!

The famous rapper sang alongside Raven Felix for Sasha Banks’ entrance theme (writer’s note: Sasha Banks and Snoop Dogg are cousins). A day earlier, Snoop Dogg was inducted in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.


3. Unique Ring Gears/Entrances


Wrestlemania is also known for some of the most awesome and unique ring entrances and outstanding (or outlandish) ring gear. We have seen great entrance outfits by The Undertaker, Triple H, Ric Flair (WOOOO!) and many more. Wrestlemania 32 proved that these wrestlers also had some awesome duds.


Outlandish? yes. Awesome? Yes….and it’s OVER 9,000!


4. Legends Return

WWE Wrestlemania is a great avenue to see a handful of past wrestlers and legends make their return. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, among others are names that would appear in the biggest yearly event of the WWE.


We saw the return of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (after being informed that he WILL make it to WM32 a few months back) who announced a record breaking Wrestlemania attendance record.

the-rock-returnsFinally…the Rock has come back…to Wrestlemania! (image from:


We thought he would just announce the record and be off, but he would be stopped by the Wyatt Family. The Rock proved he was still one of the best around after disposing of Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan quickly in a one-on-one match. After the match, however, he would be facing a 3-on-1 situation. Thankfully someone else made his triumphant return to the WWE….




Another explosive return during Wrestlemania 32 came in the form the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. They disposed of the nefarious League of Nations, after ‘the lads’ gained the upper hand against the WWE Tag Team Champions, the New Day. Sadly, for the tag team champions, Steve Austin also gave one of them a Stone Cold Stunner (to Xavier Woods).  That might be the last time that the New Day would try to invite the Texas Rattlesnake to dance with them.


watA fan reacts to The Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania for the first time

5. Wrestlemania Moments


Since this IS Wrestlemania, we will always get that ‘Wrestlemania Moment’ that everyone was talking about. From Wrestlemania 12 when Shawn Michaels won against Bret Hart and fulfilled his ‘childhood dream’ to Brock Lesnar breaking The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania win streak, there have been a handful of memorable moments.


Wrestlemania 32 wasn’t short on that supply. The Undertaker and Shane McMahon put on a wild show that culminated in Shane falling off from the top of the cell like structure and onto the WWE announce table. That moment will surely be etched into the history books of the WWE.


BONUS: Wrestlemania Viewing Parties!

You read it right, there are live screenings of Wrestlemania (and other WWE events) in Manila. By live screenings, I do not mean the live screenings we once had back in 2007-2008 inside SM cinemas. I mean, those viewing parties at food establishments and maybe even houses of fellow fans. I have been a part of a live Wrestlemania viewing party last year and the atmosphere was electric. I got to watch Wrestelmania live, hung out with some friends, and – in general – had a good time!

five-reasons-why-i-love-wrestlemania-weekend-wingmanupNXT Takeover: Dallas viewing party at Wingman
(image from: Rafael Camus and


This year, Wingman at U.P. Towncenter played host to the WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas, a big part of WWE’s Wrestlemania 32 weekend. It was a very packed house that Saturday Morning and we all had a fun time watching WWE’s young and future talent collide. As for the main event itself, Skinny Mike’s had yet another successful hosting of the live Wrestlemania 32 viewing party that Monday morning at BGC. They also had a full house of WWE fans cheering and having a great morning.

And that, my friends are my top five (plus one..) reasons why I just love Wrestlemania.

(Wrestling Images c/o of WWE)

Are you a pro wrestling fan?
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