Five Guys Might Soon Be Coming To Southeast Asia!

Rumors that this American fast-food chain might finally be entering Southeast Asia have been flying around for some time now. According to 8days, Five Guys is set to open in both Singapore and Malaysia towards the end of 2019. It can only be so long until they open in the Philippines, too!

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So, what makes Five Guys different than other fast food chains? Their ingredients are supposed to be of better quality, for one. From the beef to the bun, it should be a bit more on the gourmet side than your average fast food burger. 

five guys

Photo from The Local

But the real hook is the unlimited toppings you can customize your burger with. A Five Guys outlet typically has 15 different toppings for you to choose from to add to your burger, and you can add as many or as few as you like.

They offer this with their “handspun” milkshakes too, allowing as many mix-in’s you want.

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Should this news be true, these 2 outlets would be some of the earliest ones in Asia. The first and only other outlet opened in Hong Kong only last November 2018. However, since the source has gone unnamed aside from being credited as a “credible F&B industry source”, there is no guarantee this is certain. 

Should they open up an outlet in Manila? Let us know what you think!