Fitspiration: 7 Ways To Stay In Shape Despite Having A Desk Job

“This job is making me fat.”

If you have a desk job, you might have uttered this very statement at least one time. And you don’t have to worry, you’re not alone. Everyone who works long hours sitting in front of a computer experiences the exact same thing.

Spending most of your day sitting tends to result in increased body mass, but that doesn’t mean you have to kiss your fitspirations good bye. Here are seven tips you could use combat those unwanted fats even when you’re stuck with a desk job:


7. Walk around


Taking some time to walk around the office during your break or your down time could help reduce the chances of gaining the extra weight. So instead of calling for a delivery to your office, why not take a walk with some of your officemates going to the resto?


6. Eat healthy


Eating healthy is also another must if you want to avoid those extra pounds on your belly. That means eating snacks with minimal amount of sugar, like biscuits or a vegetable-filled snack box. At some point your brain would probably ask for a sugar boost (because a desk job uses a lot of brain power!) and, sure, having candy would help but keep it at a bare minimum!


5. Stretch


Sitting all day can bring lots of stress and strain to your body, especially on your back muscles, spine, and hip muscles. And the lack of movement can result in unwanted health problems in the long run.

So how do you prevent your muscles and bones from turning frail? Simple stretches like moving your arms up over your head or lifting your knees up every 30 minutes would help keep your muscles sharp and blood circulating around your body. And you don’t even need to get out of your chair to do them!


4. Drink lots of water


Water is an important component of our body. And because you’re too busy at the desk, there are times when you forget to stand up to grab a glass of water. Not only will drinking water force you to getting up from your desk and walk to the office pantry, it also helps keep you alert and  feel full, keeping you away from premature hunger and cravings.


3. Don’t skip breakfast


Despite it being the most important meal of the day, many of us often disregard breakfast. Breakfast not only provides us enough energy throughout the day, it also helps keep your waistline within ideal range. Including fruits and vegetables in your breakfast will provide you with vitamins and minerals that your body needs and will also keep your metabolism up and running throughout the day.

Tip: some specialists suggest consuming breakfast within two hours after waking up!


2. Keep stress levels low


Managing stress is another way to keep you from gaining those extra pounds on the side. Stress not only affects your mental well-being, but your metabolism as well. Stress can influence how much nutrients is absorbed into your body and how quickly food moves through your body. This result in what many of us call “stress eating.”


1. Engage in activities during the weekends


Doing stretches on your chair or walking around the office won’t be enough to keep you fit if you’re really aiming for a James Reid bod one day. So make sure you dedicate a rest day or a weekend to really staying fit. A once-a-week visit to the gym with the full-on dedication is better than nothing. It’s hard work and, surely, you’d rather just lounge in your bed or home after a burning week at work, but in the long run, it will all pay off.


How do you stay fit? What else can you add to this list?