Fine Dining at Studio Kitchen Alabang!


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When In Manila, and in search for food worth your money? Want to not just eat but have an incredible dining experience for you, a companion or even your family? With almost fresh out of the water catches to imported ingredients, Studio Kitchen in  Alabang can let you experience opulence at its best.


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Located at the heart of Alabang, Commerce Center building is a newly constructed place in Commerce Avenue. I’m always in Alabang since I live in BF homes, Paranaque. It’s the nearest go-to place for my family. I’ve seen Commerce Center building alot, it’s the one with Army Navy and Frutti fro yo in front. (Photo above)




I took my mom, dad and brothers to go check out this place called “Studio Kitchen.” I heard it was fancy. Was intimidated at first but when I saw the interiors, I wasn’t that intimidated anymore. The interiors were warm and inviting 🙂


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 Chef Mark Tan prepared the best of everything for us. Almost everything on the menu! What’s really cool is they have a seasonal menu. That’s because they work with the produce and ingredients they have. They get the best of everything from the local market. Thus, their menu was made out of paper.


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Before ordering though, we asked what their best sellers were. Mr. Ed Tan of Studio Kitchen told us: “We don’t have one. Everything we put in the menu is great.” Also we were told Chef Mark Tan believed that you shouldn’t put a lot on the menu and have food that were mediocre. “When you put something on the menu, make sure it’s great.”


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 While waiting you can munch on their delicious puffed pastry bread. It has different flavors. My favorite one was the cheesy one! Yum! We haven’t even started on the entrees yet!


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Freshly squeezed orange cream soda (Php 100.00) and lemon-pineapple slush. Super fresh from the fruit!


IMG 7975 horzChicken oyster with aioli sauce
A type of amuse that will be served to you depending on your main course.


IMG 7978Salad of Alimango 
Php 320.00 
Mud crab, Granny smith apple mash, piquillo, shisho, espelette
One of their cold starters. Nice balance of flavors and perfectly seasoned! My dad had a fiesta with that powderized aligue!


IMG 7980Seared Tuna
Php 280.00
Yellowfin tuna, pimenton dulce, pickled shimenji, korean pear, baby arugula


IMG 7981 horz

My favorite off their cold starters! The tuna was fresh, not even a slight bit of fishy-ness from it! Seared slightly on the sides that gave it its interesting savory texture. That glaze sealed the deal between the tuna and veggies.


IMG 7984Duo of Snapper
Php 295.00
Ceviche of snapper, snapper “chips” coriander, espelette, capsicum and red onions
Ceviche always amazes me. Just the fact that the acidity can help cook the meat is really cool. Super nice combination of raw snapper with super crisp snapper chips.


IMG 7989Foies Gras Terrine
Php 595.00
Foies Gras Terrine, beet gastrique, compressed apples, aged balsamic
I finished this dish by myself! For people who are not familiar with Foie gras, it literally means “fat liver” in french. It’s made out of liver of either duck or goose that has been fattened.


IMG 7991Chilled Butter Poached White Shrimp Salad
Php 290.00
White shrimp, garlic chips, orange, green grapes, caesar romaine lettuce
The White shrimp was so good. I love garlic with anything! Nice balance of salty-sweet with those fruits.


IMG 7997

Seafood Pasta ala Chitarra 
Php 390.00
Hand made, hand cut fresh pasta, shrimp, clams, squid, crab, parmesan and chives


IMG 8000 Lapu Lapu Roseejat 
Php 595
Paella Pasta, Lapu-lapu, mussels, squid, shrimp and aioli 
One word: FRESH.


IMG 8005 horzMaple Glazed Pork Belly
Php 525.00
Sous vide pork belly, maple-star anise glaze, chorizo, bomba rice, granny smith apple
It was sooo tender I could cut it with a spoon! Yum yum yum.

IMG 8008Dutch Veal Cheeks
Php 850
Dutch veal cheeks, cauliflower puree, gobo, wilted arugula, veal jus
Lemme tell you what veal is cause franky it’s the first time I got to taste one! Veal is a young cow or a calf. It was such a lovely cut. Tender, seasoned and very beefy. 


IMG 8015 horz

Plate of Mignardis Php 150.00
Macaroon, Chocolatre sandwich, espresso marshmallow, orange sable and Laiskonis “egg” (Php 130.00)
My favorite was the chocolate sandwich. The cream inside was sooo good!! 


IMG 8021

My family with Chef Mark Tan and Ed Tan. Thank you so much for having us! 



When In Manila, want to experience and treat yourself to something special that will be worth not just your money but time. Drive down to Alabang and experience Studio Kitchen for a unique array of food made especially for you by a chef who’s worked with michelin star chefs from the States, Chef Mark Tan.


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Unit 202 Commerce Center Building, Commerce Ave., 1780 Alabang, Philippines 
Open 6-10pm tuesday to sundays 8220508