Finding All Your Fashion Needs is Just a Walk in The Park!

Words and Photos by Rianna Bernabe

When it comes to Fashion & Beauty in Manila, we all know that online shopping has become the new big thing and some of your most beloved items probably came from Instagram. But have you ever worried that those you see on screen might not fit well?

Luckily, we found The Park Fashion + Lifestyle in U.P. Town Center to rid us of our online retail blues.

The Park 1

At The Park Fashion + Lifestyle, one store fits all! That’s right, all body types are welcomed with open arms–from petite to curvy! More importantly, it harbors the best of all things local. The brands are absolutely homegrown as The Park aims to support local, start-up, and independent online retailers in their journey towards becoming some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

The Park 2

The first step to coming up with the most stylish outfit is by picking out the right clothes. Susto is just one of the many brands available to make sure of that. They offer fashionable rompers for a regular day out with friends, and the slickest semi-formal attires for your next big event. Believe it or not, The Park even has customizable gowns and gowns for rent!

The Park 4

Katie Ray offers bralettes which are totally fab if you’re going for the more ‘good girl gone bad’ look.

The Park 8

If it’s the beach you’re heading to, The Park has some of your favorite swimwear brands such as Ete Style Coast & Swim, Soak Swimwear, and more–don’t forget to pair them with chic sunglasses!

The Park 7

As we mentioned, The Park consists of brands that cater to all sizes. Even babies! Check out Mandytta Shoppe and Style Me Little.

The Park 3

The next step is to accessorize. Tareeh offers stunning rings and stud earrings, while several other brands offer a variety of pretty tassel earrings for that girly, bohemian vibe. If you’re looking for a new trend to start among your friends, grab yourself one of Simone’s Closet’s vibrant long necklaces!

The Park 6

Pairing your outfit with the wrong bag should definitely be a crime. Don’t even risk it and choose among cute jelly, native, or leather bags!

The Park 9

Finally, an outfit would not be complete without a nice pair of shoes.

Sewn is one of the many brands that provide style, quality, and comfort with their sandals, flats, mules, and heels!

The Park 5

Rocking an outfit all day like the fashionista you were born to be must get tiring. Head on over to Snooze PH where you’ll find pillows with built-in blankets, onesies, and even these cute unicorn bedroom slippers!

The Park 11

And before heading to bed, don’t forget your skincare routine.

Check out Klenz for all your skincare essentials. Naoe also offers essential oils to maximize your relaxation.

The Park 10

For all the gentlemen out there, don’t be mistaken! The Park also offers menswear. Keep up with your girlfriend, your sister, your momma, or just for your own satisfaction because you deserve it.

The best part about all of this is that you can finally fit all the items you once saw on Instagram and rock them however you like! Get your local fashion fix at The Park Fashion + Lifestyle located at the G/F, Phase 2, U.P. Town Center.

The Park Fashion + Lifestyle

Shangri-La Plaza Mall | U.P. Town Center


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