Finders Keepers PH: Add a Personal Touch to Your Cases

Our phones have now become an extension of ourselves; we’re seen holding our phones 24/7. To protect our prized possessions from accidents, we need sturdy and reliable cases; but sometimes, case designs can be quite limited, leaving us stuck with a common or boring case.

Well, fear no more, for Finders Keepers PH solves this problem by allowing you to customize your own cases with whichever design your heart desires!


Finders Keepers PH was founded in July 2015 by Nicole Lim, who was born to be an entrepreneur. She thought of selling customized items, so people could add their own touch to their things and not have the same designs as everybody else. Additionally, everyone can be an artist when it comes to creating their designs.

Nicole mainly sells customized phone cases, but she also sells iPad cases, MacBook cases, and other gadget accessories. Of course, since the cases are personalized, the designs come from the customers, so the shop doesn’t own any of the designs printed on their cases.

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I got a rubber case with a minimalist vector of Rapunzel since I LOVE Tangled, and a 3D full edge case with a vintage floral/tropical pattern (right) since I’m currently into these kinds of prints. I just sent HD photos, so the print of the cases won’t be pixelized; and sure enough, Finders Keepers PH did a great job at making sure the cases look perfect.


They have five types of cases for you to choose from: 3D, 3D full edge, Non-3D, rubber, and clear jelly.

The 3D case (Php450) is a snap-on type of hard case printed on polycarbonate plastic and finished off with a Glossy or Matte coating. The design covers the left, right and back side of the phone, while the top and bottom are left open.


The 3D full edge case (Php600) is similar to the 3D case, the only difference is that all of the sides are covered, including the top and bottom.

Non-3D cases (Php400) snap easily onto your phone. The sides are plain colored bumpers and the print only covers the back part of the case, with the top and bottom open. The case is finished off with a glossy coating.


The Rubber case (Php400) has an impact-resistant outer shell case that protects your device from scratches, drops and dust. It covers all sides, but the print only covers the back part of the case. You may also choose the color of the rubber bumper, though they have limited colors available, such as black, white, pink, and blue. I personally love the semi-glittery finish of the back of the case since it adds to the overall vibe of my case.

3D Non3D Rubber 5 1

Lastly, the Clear Jelly case (Php300 for the clear jelly case, Php350 if you want to add decals) is shockproof, so it totally gives your phone extra protection. Decal stickers can also be customized and placed on the case. 


Customizing your own case is not that hard. All you have to do is email your designs and the order form to their email address and wait for your cases to arrive! Let your personality shine through your phone cases with the help of Finders Keepers PH. 

Finders Keepers PH

0917 828 6043


Instagram: @finderskeepers_ph