Find Out What People “Search” for During Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has just passed, but possibly most still have a love a hangover today.

Even if you were single on Valentine’s, chances are you still felt what the day was all about. After seeing tons of bouquet-carrying guys frantically running around to meet and surprise their significant other, there were only two emotions you could possibly have felt — happiness because love is in the air or aggravation (too strong a word?) because love is in the air. I hope it was the former rather than the latter. Still, if it was the latter, I hope you don’t stop believing that you’ll feel the former someday.


Although some say Valentine’s Day is a commercial hype we can do without, and many would rather trade it if we can have a second Christmas (or Thanksgiving if it we’re talking state-side), it’s still nice to know that there’s a day when we can put all the emphasis that we want to that thing that “doesn’t make the world go round but makes the ride worldwide,” borrowing the words of Franklin P. Jones.

In real life, it is highly likely that people search for love on Valentine’s Day. Those who have found it, search for it more from their loved ones. Yeah, we can say that we search for love all year long, but Valentine’s Day is when the pressure is much, much greater.

In the World Wide Web though, a place where we can somewhat quantify “stuff”, there are terms and things that people search for and trend on Valentine’s Day.

Google, being the king of searches, revealed what terms tend to spike when it comes to searches on Valentine’s Day. In the Philippines, the most popular Valentine’s Day-related search terms included “valentine’s card,” “valentine greetings,” “valentine’s day cards,” “valentine’s message,” “valentine’s quotes for him” and “happy valentine’s day images.” 

Additionally, the term “flowers” was also a top trending search around Valentine’s Day.


Worldwide, do you know what people search for on Google on Valentine’s Day?

It may be quite expected, but interestingly, the term “how to propose” always gets a massive spike during Valentine’s Day. 

how to propose(Source: Google Trends)

Taking a look at the graph above, from 2011 to 2015, the term “how to propose” gets a search jolt during February. In 2015, the search for this term yielded an all-time high compared to the previous years.

Google might not pop the question for you, but it can give you tips and tricks on how to propose in the best ways possible.


Were you one of those who popped the question this V-Day?

We hope it all worked out and if it did, congratulations on the engagement! 🙂