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Do you sometimes feel down in the dumps? Are there moments where you are looking for inspiration? Well folks, we got something just for you…an inspirational podcast. It’s not just a regular podcast, but a FILSPIRATION PODCAST!

 Filspiration Podcast HostKarl Marty Balingit = Host and Founder of the Filspiration Podcast


The Filspiration Podcast, created by Mr. Karl Marty Balingit, made its first episode last December 2014 and is still going strong. The podcast’s guests features a collection of inspiring Filipinos and their stories. Notable guests include Marv de Leon and Kach Medina. Wheninmanila.com had a chance to contact the host himself, Mr. Karl Balingit, and here’s what we asked about his Inspiration-filled Podcast.


1.) Can you describe the Filspiration Podcast in a nutshell?

 The Filspiration Podcast is a podcast that features stories of inspirational Filipinos in hopes of empowering others.


2.) When did you decide to make the podcast? Was there a specific event/or chain of events that led you to make the decision?

I’ve always been a fan of podcasting and have a dream of helping fellow Filipinos accomplish their own dreams. I put those two together and it gave me an “AHA moment” to provide inspiration through something I’m passionate about.


3.) How have you overcome the usual technical and logistical issues (internet problems, faulty equipment, no good place to record, etc.) that comes in recording a podcast episode?

The best way to overcome such obstacles is to prepare ahead, stuff like internet problems can happen unexpectedly but making sure your equipment is working right, having a quiet place to record, and making sure all the technical aspects are covered is my pre-interview routine.


4.) So far can you give us the rundown on how you usually record or do your episodes on FIlspiration? (Do you record on a certain room/studio, certain equipment you use to record, etc.)

My approach when launching the Filspiration podcast was to just go for it and learn as I go. I don’t have a big budget so I wanted do provide quality interviews in the most cost effective way. I don’t have a studio so I usually just go the quietest room I can find in the house and record from there.


My Equipment:

  • Ecamm Call Recorder – to record interviews via Skype
  • Adobe Audition – to edit podcast episodes
  • Blue Snowball USB Microphone


5.) What has been your favorite episode or guest so far?

To be honest I love all the episodes that has been published so far. All the “Filspirers” that have shared their story on the podcast are people who inspire me so it’s always a treat to get to know them, learn from them, and share it with others as well.


6.) What podcast do you love listening to during your spare time? Which podcasts would you’d HIGHLY recommend to your listeners?

I listen to a bunch of podcasts on a regular basis in various categories but my TOP 3 would be:

  1. StartUp Podcast – a unique way of delivering a podcast, tells a story of how Alex Blumberg launched a startup without business experience.
  2. Reply All – a show about the internet
  3. Entrepreneur On Fire – daily interviews with inspirational entrepreneurs


7.) What are your future plans for the Filspiration Podcast?

The long-term goal of the Filspiration podcast is to inspire as much Filipinos as possible into accomplishing their own dreams. I will continue to seek interviews with inspirational Filipinos and plan on connecting with non-profit organizations. Eventually I would want Filspiration to be a bridge for people to help other people through those non-profit orgs.


8.)As a freelancer, can you share some insights or some fun things you’ve done in the past 3 years freelancing?

Fun perks of my freelance life:


Employee Discount at Stussy – one of my clients is a famous clothing brand in America called Stussy, when I went to LA for a vacation I got the chance to visit their headquarters and go shopping directly at their warehouse along with a big employee discount.


Attending Tech Events – I’ve always been into startups and the tech scene, I’m lucky for being able to work with WeAreLATech which is a virtual tourist hub for all things startups in LA. Espree the founder would invite me to attend Tech events in the area for free, which has always been my dream.


Free Book – Freelancing gives me the chance to work for companies and people I admire, I got to be a beta reader for Lucas Carlson who is a notable startup entrepreneur. He was creating his new book to which I provided some feedback, when the book launched I was surprised to receive a free copy in the mail with a personal note inside.


manny pacquiao vs floyd mayweather jr sr Tiger Woods MistressManny Pacquiao – One of Karl’s Top 3 Inspirational People in his Life

9.) Seeing that the podcast talks about inspirational stories and people, is it alright if you share with us your personal top 3 inspirational people in your life and why they inspire you?


My mother–She has raised my brother and I mostly by herself which I appreciate even more now that I have grown up. She always finds ways to accomplish something whether in her work or for us which I try to emulate in my own work.


My girlfriend – My girlfriend is my greatest example of someone who has a dream and doing everything she can to succeed. I have been with her all throughout her journey, she has failed but never gives up and is finally reaping the fruits of her labor.


Manny Pacquiao – I’ve heard this a lot on the podcast but Manny is truly an inspiration for me. It’s not just because he is one of the best boxers ever, it’s more of what he does for fellow Filipinos. He is someone who loves helping and doing everything he can to make people happy.


10.) Finally, do you have any advice for people who would love to pursue podcasting?

Go for it! I started podcasting because I loved listening to podcasts and it allows me inspire people on a unique platform than I’m passionate about. You can never go wrong if you do what makes you happy. If it’s podcasting, then you should start already. There are lots of free resources on the Internet so absolutely anyone can do it. If you need help feel free to contact me.



Just like what Karl said earlier, if you want to start a podcast, GO FOR IT! There’s a lot of resources out there and all you have to do is just grab them and do the rest. Speaking of inspirational messages and podcasts, Filspiration podcast is the one for you. If inspirational stories are your thing, you’d love hearing Karl churn out his latest batch of episodes featuring inspiring Filipinos and their back stories. Thank you for the insightful and inspirational messages from your interview, Karl. We hope to hear more inspiring stories and people in your future episodes.





Website: https://filspiration.com/