Filipinos Have the Highest Average Phone Screen Time in the World – Study

It is not a surprise that Filipinos spend most of their time on the phones. However, a new study has revealed that Filipinos–in fact–have the highest average phone screen time in the world.

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Apparently, Filipinos spend one-third of their day glued to their mobile devices. “Our research shows that residents of the Philippines spend almost a third (32.5%) of their day using their smartphones,” according to Electronics Hub. The team also added other vital data that support their study stating, “Filipinos are the most enthusiastic mobile users in Asia, with a Telenor survey revealing that it has the continent’s highest rate of digital dependence at 29%. The Philippines has around 69 million smartphone users — among the most in the world, according to markets data by Newzoo.”

The Countries Spending the Most Time on Their Phones

The Philippines also ranked third in the Top 10 countries with the highest average screen time both on a computer and mobile device. With a 54.44% rating, this reveals that Filipinos spend more than half of their time awake in front of a screen.

Average Screen Time by Country

On computers alone, Filipinos ranked eighth on the list with 21.91% of their day spent on it.

The Countries Spending the Most Time on Their Computers

Additionally, Filipinos ranked third highest country with the most time spent on social media per day. Data shows that the country’s daily average screen time is 21.91% of its average hours awake.

Average Socia Media Screen Time by Country

As for gaming, the Philippines ranked fifth among other countries with an 8.75% screen-time rate on video games.

The Countries Spending the Most Time Gaming

Other key findings of this study are as follows:

  • “South Africans spend almost three-fifths (58.2%) of their day in front of a screen — the most of any nation.
  • Filipinos spend around a third (32.5%) of their day using their smartphones, followed by Brazil (32.4%) and South Africa (31.5%).
  • PC users in South Africa are online for more than a quarter (26.7%) of the time they are awake.
  • Saudi Arabians are the most prolific players spending 11.5% of their day gaming.
  • Japan has the lowest screen time of any major nation, with residents spending just 21.7% of their day on their devices.”

This study is conducted by analyzing DataReportal’s Digital 2023: Global Overview Report to find country-level data for screen time. Then, Electronics Hub gathered average sleep times per country from Sleep Cycle, which allowed them to calculate the percentage of waking hours relative to screen time for each category of device. Read more about this study here.

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