Filipino-Made Mario Parody, “Kill the Plumber” Rejected by Apple

Everyone loves the Mario Brothers, and pretty much mostly everyone has played a version or two of this addictive game. It’s one of my absolute favorite games and one of the games I definitely miss playing. Game developers were probably even inspired by this game! I personally would love to get my hands on any of these versions, even if it meant a parody of it!


Recently, Filipino game developer and owner of Keybol Games, Bari Silvestre released an IOS version of his game, “Kill the Plumber.” The game is very much similar to our favorite Nintendo game but with a unique twist – YOU play the bad guy. A the enemy, it is your job to stop the plumber from saving the princess. Pretty cool huh?

Unfortunately, this Mario parody was rejected by IOS as it had too many similarities with the original game. The only was for Apple to accept it was for Silvestre to change the imagery and overall concept of the game. Obviously, changing these would defeat the purpose of the game. So for now, we Apple users just have to wait for the PC version to be able to play this game. On the other hand, “Kill the Plumber” will be released in Android some time in July!

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