15 Food Blogs That’ll Make You Forget Your Diet

Let’s admit it: deciding where to eat out is a difficult decision to make. You have all these choices and all these things, like price points and restaurant ratings, to consider that it’s easy to end up lost. This is where food bloggers come in — everyday heroes for all of us little people who can never decide what we want for ourselves.

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So here are 15 food bloggers you will not regret following:

15. EJ Bunag

john bunag

(IG: @johnbunag)

While Ej’s blogging goes way back to 2009 it was really only in 2015 that he took it more seriously and became more active. It started because of the people he met but continued when he discovered a love for what he does. And his passion shows in the feed he curates — which is mostly made up of flatlay photos and videos. Ej calls its a flatflay feed and says that his foodie friends even call him The Flatlay Slayer.

14. Francis Gregor (Greedy Glutton PH)


(IG: @greedygluttonph FB: /greedyglutton)

Kiko began blogging 6 years ago when he left his home province to study in Manila and ended up eating out quite a lot. Since he would try out different restaurants he got into the habit of documenting his meals and eventually started writing reviews on looloo. Now, he focuses on his Instagram which is essentially a snippet into his life — 90% of which is food. He even travels just for food! Do be warned that this is a fish-free blog as Kiko loves to scuba dive.

13. Gerry San Miguel (Dude For Food)

dude for food

(IG/Twitter: @dudeforfood FB: /dude4food YT: Dude For Food SITE: dude4food.blogspot.com)

Having started blogging in 2010, Gerry has been witness to the continued growth of our local culinary scene. According to him, “there’s still so much more to experience and discover. That’s what makes the local food scene so interesting, continuously evolving with the changing palate of consumers.” Dude for Food is a constant documentation of this. It “provides a snapshot of what’s available in the city, and let the photos speak for themselves. Taste, after all, is a very subjective matter.”

What sets Dude for Food apart is the real and authentic voice it uses, since it is more interested in being unique than just being trendy.

12. Takaw Tikim

takaw tikim

(FB: takawtikimph/ IG: @takawtikim SITE: https://takawtikim.net/)

Your companion to your gastronomic adventures, Takaw Tikim has been around since 2017. What originally began as an outlet for stress transformed into a real passion. Now, Takaw Tikim is a blog filled with good memories of food and places to visit. Why “Takaw Tikim”? Because life should be about trying new and “weird” things! 

11. Sherose Ontimare (Food For Tata) 

food for tata

(IG: @sheroseontimare FB: /foodfortata SITE: www.foodfortata.com)

Going strong at 7 years, Food for Tata was established in August of 2012. It was created as “the perfect way to marry her passion for food and knowledge in the food industry into her everyday life.” She has been nominated twice at Influence Asia for the Food Category in the Philippines, landing top 4 in 2015 and top 15 in 2017.

Aside from Food blogging, Sherose offers clients her signature touch in food/props styling, photography, social media marketing, and food consultancy. She touches a bit on lifestyle and travel, too. 

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