Filipino Fashion Blogger Calls Pope Francis ‘Homophobic’

Filipino Fashion Blogger Calls Pope Francis ‘Homophobic’


Filipino Fashion Blogger Calls Pope Francis 'Homophobic' 2


It’s difficult to be opinionated when you’re a public figure. You have millions of eyes watching your every move, waiting to see if you’ll make a politically incorrect statement on social media. Forget the delete button, many have screencapped your statement by the time you clicked ‘Submit’ or ‘Post.’ That’s what happened to Bryanboy, a Filipino fashion blogger who has made a name for himself in the global fashion industry.


Filipino Fashion Blogger Calls Pope Francis 'Homophobic'


In light of Pope Francis making a Papal Visit to the Philippines, he posted a picture of the Pope with President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, with the caption:


So the charismatic Pope visited the Philippines to spread his message of compassion. But now I’m reading on the news that his homophobic ass finally spoke against gay marriage (how it threatens families), how he is against contraception – this, to a nation smaller than California but with a population a third of the United States. Over 100 million people and a quarter of them living in poverty. Way to go for preaching to the poor and the ignorant! I feel really really sorry for Filipino LGBT people. There’s no light in the end of the tunnel for them. They’ll never know what it feels like to have equal rights. They’ll never get married. And to encourage poor people to procreate further… Lord have mercy indeed! I’m in a bittersweet position because I’m extremely happy I got out of that shithole but at the same time, tons of my fellow countrymen will never know what it feels like to have equal rights or to marry someone they love in their own country. I feel sorry for y’all! It simply breaks my heart. And to the Catholic gays… Lemme remind you there is nothing Catholic about taking d*ck up the butt! May your God forgive you while you sniff someone’s scr*tum and suck d*ck! Sayonara, suckers, the homeland is a humanitarian timebomb waiting to happen! While the rest of the world is on the path to progress, y’all are winding the clocks back to the dark ages. Now if you excuse me, I gotta go to Sunday church now – Barney’s!


As of publishing, the caption has been deleted (by Instagram, according to Bryanboy), but the photo still stands. Many have responded negatively and called him out on his comments.


What do you think? Was Bryanboy on point or was he out of line? Share your thoughts below!


Filipino Fashion Blogger Calls Pope Francis ‘Homophobic’

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