12 Filipino Entrepreneurs Share Their Inspiring Journeys

With the pandemic driving consumers to rely more on e-commerce platforms for their needs, more brands and sellers continue to embrace digitalization to sustain their livelihoods. Recently, the Philippines saw an increase of 12 million new digital consumers since the start of the pandemic, of which 63% are from non-Metro areas.

We love supporting local businesses, and we love companies who support the same. Shopee is one of the platforms that constantly supports local sellers, and they are currently trying to uplift the digital economy with the launch of the #TatakPinoy: Shopee Celebrates Local contest. Until December 5, 2021, you can vote for and support your favorite sellers in time for the 12.12 Big Christmas Sale. Based on total user votes, the top three sellers will win gadget prizes that are useful for their online business, while voters will have the chance to win special vouchers.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, explains, “As we rebound from the impact of the pandemic, we want to strengthen our efforts in aiding economic recovery. Supporting local sellers is a very impactful way to do that, and we want to rally our users to support these sellers as well. This is what Shopee Supports Local is for: highlighting the local sellers in our platform and giving our shoppers the opportunity to show their appreciation as well.”

12 Filipino Entrepreneurs Share Their Inspiring Journeys

Indiana Jane MNL

Launched in 2019, Jess opened a clothing store, Indiana Jane MNL, and went from a one-man shop and grew into a 30-person team this 2021. With the desire to build deeper connections with their consumers, she maximized Shopee Live and all of its features. Through Shopee Live, she received customer feedback which helped them improve the store. Browse through their products here.

Chelssy Dress Taytay

Considered as one of the pioneer stores in the well-known Taytay Tiangge, Rochelle of Chelssy Dress Taytay decided to shift to online a few months before the pandemic hit. It proved to be a good move with the shop hitting its targets consistently. Browse through their products here.

Luxe Essential

As a form of self-care, Hani of Luxe Essential decided to put up an online store where she can earn while staying at home. Despite the ups and downs of online selling, her determination eventually paid off as it can now support her family and her staff’s family at the same time. Browse through their products here.


UNIQ.MNL is owned by Ireen and Ira, two sisters who combined their stores into one. Transitioning wasn’t easy and they worked hard to maintain customer satisfaction by utilizing Shopee’s in-app tools. With clear goals, the shop ended 2020 with an 8-figure gross profit. Browse through their products here.

Orange and Peach

Orange and Peach Philippines is a 100% Filipino Mom and Baby Essentials Store owned by Jasslyn. She struggled to convert sales due to some limitations; but even with the setback, it didn’t stop her from trying. Eventually, she gained the consumers’ trust and is now doing well. Browse through their products here.

R&A Shoes

R&A Shoes started as a small shoe manufacturing facility in 2014. In 2019, Ric joined Shopee as a seller and turned it into a full-time commitment. The challenges pushed him to do better and the brand is now growing on the platform – even surpassing their previous sales. Browse through their products here.

Mighty Clean

Wanting to share their expertise in the homecare industry, Mico from Mighty Clean started his Shopee Seller journey during the height of the pandemic last year. Even though he has since become one of the bestselling brands on the platform, he never stops learning new things and continues to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills. Browse through their products here.


Dana of dnemnl started selling online when she was in high school and had her fair share of ups and downs before she first joined Shopee in 2015. Despite having to close her shop temporarily, she stepped up and worked with her Shopee Relationship Manager to learn how to build better brand awareness for her store. To date, she has more than 225,000 shop followers. Browse through their products here.


Daniel of Localidad began his Shopee journey last year and got his break in November 2020. His experience on Shopee was a great opportunity to learn about e-commerce in general and eventually succeed in the industry with more than 60,000 products sold and counting. Browse through their products here.

Prestige Trading

Em used the power of technology to offer a wide array of DIY car care detailing products through her shop, Prestige Trading. As a former saleswoman, the main proprietor found joy in interacting and connecting with their customers. Browse through their products here.

Gratitude Bar

Faced with a financial crisis in 2017, Ces of Gratitude Bar launched her Shopee store which offers skincare products that are simple, affordable, and effective. With the use of in-app features, the brand gained more loyal customers. Browse through their products here.

M A R E Clothing

When Zel started selling on Shopee, she knew it was a learning journey and discovered a lot of new things. Now, she has a strong customer base and feels grateful for the overwhelming support and trust from her loyal customers. Browse through their products here.

To know more and vote for your favorite sellers in #TatakPinoy: Shopee Celebrates Local, click here.

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