Filipina Wins Mrs. Grandma Universe 2016

Filipina Wins Mrs. Grandma Universe 2016

Life, as they say, begins at 40. For Babylyn Decena Newfield, life began at 48 when she bested 50 other grandmothers for the title of Mrs. Grandma Universe 2016.

Newfield is a widowed entrepreneur, the head of Cartridge World Philippines, a company that manufactures ink and toners for distribution around the world. She is the grandmother of four children.

She was personally picked by the pageant’s local franchisor Ovette Ricalde. According to him:

She has all the qualities of an ideal grandmother which the international organizers of the pageant is looking for. She is a class of her own and nobody can stop her to be the best that she can be. I have this gut feel that she will be able to win the competition when she gets there in Bulgaria.

Newfield said, “I know to myself that I have the making of an ideal grandmother. Being one is not all about taking good care of your grandchildren but also to show the other people and the universe that I can still be competitive in every goal and objectives that I will set in my life whether personal or professionally.”

Her secret to looking good? Muay thai, which she sampled in the talent portion of the pageant.

Aside from winning Mrs. Grandma Universe, she also won Best National Costume.

Newfield is expected to return from Bulgaria next week.

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