Filipina Wins ‘Most Awkward Holiday Photo’ in Australia

Filipina Wins Most Awkward Holiday Photo in Australia

The Philippines is the social media capital of the world, and Makati is the selfie capital of the world, so it makes sense that Filipinos love taking photos. It also applies to Filipinos abroad because a Filipina and her husband won an online contest looking for the most awkward holiday photo in Australia.

Sharon Abella submitted a photo of her in a beach with her husband, while her brother photobombed them with his butt exposed, to a contest hosted by website Cudo and magazine That’s Life. Her brother, who exposed himself in the background, connived with the photographer to take the shot.

“It got heaps of likes and comments on Facebook! Everyone was commenting on it, saying how funny it was. So I saw the competition and thought I’d try my luck,” Abella told The Daily Telegraph when asked why she submitted the photo.

For the photo, she won a mobile phone and a Gold Coast holiday.

Other photos showed two men photobombing and copying the poses of two girls who were being photographed, a camel that smiled with a woman in a photo, two babies snuggling while posing for a Christmas photo, a man picking his nose in the background, and a baby’s cute reaction aboard a circus ride.

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