This Amazing Filipina Provides Business Opportunities to Women and OFWs

The Philippine market is full of foreign beauty brands that have their own niche when it comes to the kind of beauty they promote: K-Beauty (Korean), J-Beauty (Japanese), American brands, and homegrown brands. In the midst of all this noise is a Filipino brand that quietly helps women address beauty issues that are not often brought to light, like dark underarms and other dark areas in the female body — thanks to our brown skin, hormones, genetics, and external factors. This brand does this and more, going to the extent of giving Filipino women and OFWs the opportunity to have their own business. This brand is One Earth Organics.

Tyffanie Short One Earth Organics

Tyff Short started her beauty business in 2012 by selling a beauty facial set that was chemical-based. “My skin is so sensitive and I have psoriasis. Everything was aggravating for me,” Tyff recalls. “This prompted me to explore and research more on plant-based ingredients.”

Tyff became vigilant about researching plant-based counterparts to every chemical component of the facial set she was selling. As luck would have it, she had a friend who had a manufacturing business for natural beauty products. Tyff shared her idea with her friend, and One Earth Organics was born.

In developing her flagship product, Tyff had to be honest about her own insecurities. “My biggest insecurity was my underarms,” she admits. “So I decided to start with something that had to do with my underarms.” 

Underarm Therapy Set

One Earth Organics Underarm Therapy Set

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Tyff started selling One Earth Organics products in bazaars, where she would highlight her underarm products. This gave her insight into a mentality and another form of insecurity women have: admitting their problem areas and being brave to ask for help openly.

“People would always be shy to talk about insecurities, especially their underarms,” Tyff shares. “They wouldn’t admit that they have dark underarms. We were selling the underarm therapy set as if secretly. They wouldn’t buy it on the spot.” 

She continues, “I will always be proud to say that One Earth Organics is the safe avenue to talk about a woman’s insecurity.” Tyff believes that if people openly talk about their insecurities; it helps give others hope, making them feel they are not alone.

“Underarm problems? It’s a normal thing,” Tyff posits. “We were that avenue for people to not be ashamed of buying underarm therapy sets.” This movement paved the way to underarm selfies on social media, where confident women would tag the brand.

Tyffanie Short One Earth Organics 2

Tyff recognizes that not everyone can afford treatments that would help address their problem areas, like dark underarms, thigh burn, and a problematic bikini area. This is why she makes sure that One Earth Organics products are not just competitively priced. They are also the most affordable in terms of the promise and results they deliver.

“One Earth Organics is your organic beauty solution for any skincare or beauty problem,” says Tyff. “Everything is multi-functional while also targeted.”

This explains why they stick to the number of their SKUs (stock keeping units) or a distinct type of item for sale. If a brand has 10 different products, then a brand has 10 SKUs. One Earth Organics only has 34 SKUs that can address all skin problems. 

“If you have a dark skin problem in any part of your body, you can use our Wonder Blanche Balm,” suggests Tyff. “At the same time, you can use the Wonder Blanche Balm to moisturize the hardest or roughest areas of your skin.”

Wonder Blanche Balm

One Earth Organics Wonder Blanche Balm

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“I know there are so many salons doing that, but not all people can afford those kinds of services,” she adds. “Many people want to use organic and natural, but at the same time get the results, be able to afford it, and experience no side effects.” One Earth Organics is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. 

Business Opportunities

When Tyff started selling One Earth Organics in 2013, there were distributors who asked her if they can take it as their own business. This led to a eureka moment, and a decision to change their business model from retail selling to direct selling. “The core value of everything I work hard for is always about helping and supporting others,” says Tyff. “The mission of One Earth Organics is about giving business opportunities to people.”

She then came up with business packages for distributors and resellers, and this led to the organic Herculean growth of One Earth Organics from 2013 to 2017. In 2017, the brand entered Beauty Bar. In 2018, they got into Watson’s.

EMU Restorative Soap

One Earth Organics EMU Restorative Soap

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In the midst of these opportunities for the company, Tyff kept her distributors in mind. Instead of opening just company-owned stores in these big retailers, she gave the business to her distributors. This way, they operate the stores, and everyone wins.

“I never wanted to make the distributors or resellers feel like they are competing with retail,” says Tyff. “I would always acknowledge the people who were with me from the very beginning, hence their inclusion in the growth of One Earth Organics.”

Franchise System

From this love for her distributors, the unique franchise system of One Earth Organics was born. But this franchise system is not just about a business relationship; it is about standing by each and every franchisee in the midst of disasters and a pandemic.

“We fought for our 50 franchisees’ stores to remain open during the pandemic, even when all stores including malls were closed,” Tyff shares. “We also have a contingency plan — an emergency plan — where, in case of disasters and a franchise has to close down for a while, we have company-owned stores that we can lend to the franchisee so they can continue to sell and make a profit.”

Ever heard of a franchise system that works this way? Probably not. Because at One Earth Organics, Tyff does not hesitate to let her heart rule. She believes that the money will follow if she takes care of and empowers her franchisees, who will pass on the love to their distributors.

“That’s how it works, the franchise is always beneficial to the franchisee,” says Tyff. “We’re so happy that even during the pandemic, while we paused for a year, everyone still has their stores and can continue their business.” One Earth Organics has gone beyond just selling beauty products. It has become a company with a purpose. “There’s a vision, there’s a purpose, and I know things are gonna get brighter,” says Tyff quietly. 

Opportunities for OFWs

The nature and culture of the company have reached other shores, and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) would reach out to inquire about starting their own business. “We provide business opportunities, and we don’t want to deny this to anyone, whether in the country or abroad,” says Tyff. “Our OFW program is about recognizing that an OFW application for a franchise here in the country is an investment.”

“If you want to own a store, we will take care of it for you,” adds Tyff. “We will manage your store for a minimal management fee.” Interested in becoming a franchisee? All you need to do is sign up at the One Earth Organics website and their Sales and Business Development Department will reach out to you.

However, Tyff reiterates that she is looking for stewards of the brand, not just people with money. “It’s not just about having sales skills. It’s about being an advocate and carrying the brand,” she says. “We worked so hard to be part of Beauty Bar and Watson’s. So if you are going to be a franchisee, you have to embody that.”

Heavy Duty Zit Buster

One Earth Organics Zit Buster

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One Earth Organics brings dignity back to beauty. It lets you look in the mirror to see your imperfections and problem areas yet feel secure and assured that you have One Earth Organics to help you fix them. No judgment, no embarrassment.

One Earth Organics also leaves no one behind. It was created and is still headed by a woman who stands by her principles and conviction with all of her heart. She is what sets One Earth Organics apart from other beauty brands in the market, local or not. Now that is true beauty.

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