This Filipina Author’s Debut Novel Ranked as a #1 New Release on Amazon

Looking for a new book to read? Why not support local and check out Izzy Matias’ debut novel? With writing at the peak of her passion and interest, Izzy Matias takes us on a journey of the experiences she had to go through in bringing her debut novel—ranked as a #1 New Release for a few weeks in the Teen & Young Adult Music eBooks category of Amazon—come to life.

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Izzy Matias’ debut novel, “The Hush Society Presents…” is a contemporary young adult novel and coming-of-age story about Cameron Evans, a musician in pursuit of his dreams despite the many challenges he encounters along the way. As Cameron dives into the world of secret shows, he is recruited to join a summer tour. However, to make it big, he must face his biggest rival and self-destructive fears before they destroy his dream for good.

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One of Izzy’s aspirations back in grade school was to publish a book. She started writing her debut novel, “The Hush Society Presents…” in high school and went through a lot of rewriting and editing during her college years. “I ran a music blog where I would go to lots of concerts and write about them. Over the years, I ran multiple music blogs and wanted to be able to turn blogging into a career. Later on, I decided to approach blogging with a business perspective, which led me to my focus as a blogger now,” explains Izzy. While working and blogging, she continued revising her debut novel. Finally this 2021, she decided to self-publish it on Amazon.

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Izzy has a piece of worthwhile advice to those who dream of becoming an author like her or simply want to achieve a personal goal in the future: “Even if it takes a long time to achieve your aspiration; if it’s something you want, keep going. Take a chance on your dreams and make the most of the opportunities available to you or create an opportunity for you to achieve your dreams. There’s never a linear path to get to where you want to be, but I believe if you keep going, you’ll get there eventually.”

“The Hush Society Presents…” is available on Amazon. You may order it here.

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