Filifurni: Affordable and Quality Furniture for Your Modern Chic Home

Looking for affordable yet durable furniture is tough, especially when you want to achieve a modern chic vibe. I know because I have also been searching for them. I want my apartment to look cute and aesthetic but you know, I have bills to pay too. Plus, it would be most practical to choose functional and quality pieces over the design.

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Upon doing my research, I stumbled upon Filifurni. At first look, the Instagram shop might look expensive and intimidating. I mean, because they are really pretty! Their furniture collection is minimalist yet chic–the wood makes them retro, cozy, and homey, while the colors are very modern and chic. However, I have learned that the owner is actually very humble and accommodating upon chatting with her.

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The local brand is apparently the brainchild of Sandy Estrella, an interior designer who graduated from the University of Santo Tomas (UST). Estrella runs a design practice called Filihome and eventually started her own online furniture store. According to her, Filifurni came to be when she was also looking for a clothing rack online. “All I wanted was something durable and of good quality, but at the same time, not too expensive,” she explained. Everything she found, however, was only either durable but expensive or cheap but low quality.

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That was when she began contacting the furniture maker she had been working with for several projects over the years. She asked for their help to create exactly what she was looking for and they did such a good job. “The best thing is, it was still so affordable. I decided it was too good not to share,” Estrella said. “I designed a few more pieces and we made a few of each to complete our first collection.” Directly working with experienced craftsmen was apparently the key to ensuring the quality and affordability of their furniture. That’s right, each piece is handmade and would definitely go well with each other. 😉

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They also accept customization if you are looking for something specific. Just send them a photo of your desired design along with the dimensions and let them do their magic! Of course, they will still need to evaluate the feasibility but if it works and you want to share it with others, they might even add it to their product list and name it after you. Cool, right?

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Filifurni delivers all around Metro Manila and orders from outside the metro can also be arranged. Browse through their products and order through their Instagram account (@filifurni) now!

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