Filed’s Scribble Planner is Extra Posh and Artsy for 2019

Once again, it’s the season of planner launches! And, when we speak of must-buy and truly functional planners, Filed is definitely on the list. Last October 13, they introduced two planners for 2019 – the Keepsake Planner and the Scribble Planner – both upgraded in looks and features! We personally got the Scribble Planner, and here’s how extra posh and artsy it is!

Scribble Planner 2019 (top) and Keepsake Planner 2019 (bottom) on display during Filed’s Planner 2019 Launch

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Art on one of Scribble Planner’s pages by Kitty Jardenil

This year, Scribble Planner has six artists who made each section of the planner Instagrammable with inspirational artwork: Gian Carlo Wong, who also made the cover artwork; Liana Sun; Terence Eduarte; Kitty Jardenil; Liam Andrew Cura; and Samantha Bumanlag.

Scribble Planner 2019, Php875

It’s a hardbound 8.5”x6”x7.5 planner made of premium 100 gsm cream paper put together through Smyth sewing.

If you like your planner spacious and colorful as you begin your day writing on it, this planner is ideal for you. It has a monthly spread with a customizable post stamp. To help you get more organized and focused, there’s also a mini-calendar view of the following month located on the side of the page. Aside from the monthly spread, there’s also a weekly spread to get you into details plus weekly tips to dare you to do fun activities and encourage you with inspirational quotes.

It also includes a back pocket for movie tickets, receipts, and other small papers; a ribbon bookmark; and two sticker sheets by artist Cassy Cajucom !

What’s your song of the month?

This planner won’t just help you organize your schedule; it’s fun, too! It includes leisure activities such as filling up a page of the “Playlist of Your Year”; “Best Decision You’ve Ever Made” list; and “Movie Marathon” for meaningful movies in your life. It’s a very exciting planner!

Flip through more pages and you’ll see two perforated postcards inside!

The free Agenda Clutch comes in Dusty Rose, Tiffany Green, Nude Beige, Classic Black colors.

The best part? You get a freebie when you purchase any of the two planners! You get a free Agenda Clutch for every purchase of the Scribble Planner.

Free Agenda Wrapper for every purchase of Keepsake Planner which also comes in Dusty Rose, Tiffany Green, Nude Beige, Classic Black colors.

For the Keepsake Planner, you get this posh Agenda Wrapper that can hold your pens conveniently with its four fasteners.

Both the Keepsake Planner and Scribble Planner are now available for pre-order on their website. Check it out and go posh this 2019!



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