Feel the Thrill of Flying with Flying Trapeze Philippines

Know how it feels to fly When In Manila with the Flying Trapeze Philippines crew! 

I was given an amazing chance to join one of their classes and it is definitely an item ticked in my bucket list! 

Flying Trapeze Philippines is the first and only full-sized trapeze rig in the country. It opened its doors to the public last July and I was more than excited to try it, circus scenes were flashing in my head and it definitely woke up the adrenaline junkie in me!

Will Hsu, the founder of Flying Trapeze Philippines and who is also a trapeze flyer, decided to introduce this sport in the country and share with the Filipinos the fun that trapeze flying brings.

Let’s get flying, shall we?


Feel the Thrill of Flying with Flying Trapeze Philippines



Flying Trapeze Philippines is located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Trapeze classes are offered at Php1,000 (weekday morning and afternoon classes) and Php1,250 (weekends and night classes) for a two-hour class and each class has a maximum of 10 students. 

The 25ft high platform looks a little daunting and it kinda makes you weak in the knees but wait until that second you jump off the platform and swing 32ft in the air, the feeling is priceless. Don’t worry because safety is a priority with FTP and there is a safety net that will catch you on your fall. They are equipped with the latest and best equipment designed by Jackie Tan, who is the most trusted trapeze equipment supplier in the world.

Class started with us being strapped with the tight-fitting safety belt harness and readied ourselves with the “Ready-Hop” stance tutorial. We were taught the proper stance and form to do when its our turn on the platform and the signal words that they will use when it’s your time to swing. 

Next up! Will introduced us to the practice bar wherein he taught us the proper way to grip the bar, how to pull your legs up to hang on the bar, the proper form while gripping on the bar using your calves and thighs and how to do the kick. I kinda surprised myself when I was able to do it! I was really doubtful that I could carry my weight on that bar!


It’s time.

I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I could feel the churn in my stomach and I am convincing myself that I can do this. My palms are sweating but I could feel the tingle of adrenaline in my toes. Once the safety carabiner is clipped on, it’s time to climb up the ladder and fly for the first time.



Another moment of internal peptalk when I reached the platform and I am so grateful Chris and Jade were very patient and encouraging. By that time, my toes were getting cold but there’s no turning back. This is really it — I waited for the cue and I breathe, hop, and swing!

Recalling that split-second moment when I made my first hop still gives me a tingly feeling. It was elation. All that nerve-wrecking anticipation, all gone! Just a tip: Don’t close your eyes!



Get in position…


And hop! Remember to point your toes!


Lift yourself up…


And do a knee-hang! Do the right form and arch your back!


Unfortunately, all my knee-hang attempts were futile. I WAS SO CLOSE! But being able to swing and feel the thrill of flying (without wings but with a harness), it was one of the best things I’ve experienced! 



Letting go of the bar is a different story. There’s that hint of hesitance but once your grip loosens from the bar and you feel yourself free falling, another incredible feeling. Don’t be afraid to just let go of the bar and let the safety net catch your fall.

You know what’s another fun thing I experienced? The net dismount. No kidding, I enjoyed that part! I don’t know if it’s just me or what. But do let me know if you enjoyed doing the dismount as well!

A few more rounds of swings and knee-hangs and most of the class were ready for the “catch”! I was thrilled because I will be watching them do the catch routine. I swear I’ll be ready for the catch on my next visit!



Chris teaching the class how to do the catch.


While the class is getting ready, Will is making his way to the bars and getting ready for the catch. Will started doing trapeze when he was around 8 years old and from there, he just continued to hang around and learn the trapeze tricks.



Ready to catch the first flyer.


Reach out and CATCH!


Here’s a gif of a “catch” for you to enjoy:


There’s that short hold-your-breath moment when both of them reached out and you’re tightly crossing your fingers for a successful catch.

And most of my classmates did a a very flawless catch! 



Everyone had a great time and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who wants to do it again and again!



Thank you to the awesome Flying Trapeze Philippines team!


When in Manila, get your adrenaline pumping, think happy thoughts and fly with Flying Trapeze Philippines! Not only that you will get the thrill of flying but Trapeze is also a good sport to keep you fit! Get flying now! Check out Flying Trapeze Philippines’ website at https://www.trapeze.ph/ and sign up now!




Flying Trapeze Philippines

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Contact Number:  0917-242-0331

Website: https://www.trapeze.ph/

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Feel the Thrill in Flying with Flying Trapeze Philippines