Feel-Good Music on a Rainy Afternoon

When in Manila, I’m sure most of you are making the most of your days off from work or school. (Looks like Typhoon Kabayan wouldn’t be leaving the country until Friday) Or if you still have to work on this rainy Tuesday afternoon, don’t worry your hard work will eventually pay off. But for now, just relax and enjoy the cool weather with feel good OPM music that I personally handpicked for you.



CiudadFriday Noon

I fell in love with this song from the moment I’ve heard it! It’s one of those songs you’d love to play when you’re too lazy to get out of bed and you just wanna relax and stare at nothingness.In love



The CamerawallsA Gentle Persuasion

This song reminds me of quaint shops, old books, smiles, and sunshine (see video lol). Don’t we just love a dose of sunshine after the rain?


Youtube video credit: barbiealmalbis


Barbie AlmalbisGoodbye My Shadow

With this song, let us bid “Adieu!” to the sorrows of the past and hello to a stronger and better self! After all these years, Barbie still has this spark that never fails to amaze me. I love her light and carefree spirit and it clearly reflects on her music.



BambooLast Days on a Cruise Ship

I love the concept of this video, it’s so hippie! Bamboo may have disbanded already, but their music forever lives in my heart. Smile



Julianne – Grateful

In life, there are a lot of things to be grateful for. We should be grateful for every second of our life, whether it be blissful or bittersweet. Grateful that we manage to eat meals at least three times a day. Grateful that we have a decent shelter to keep us safe and comfortable. And last but not the least, grateful that we have our family and friends to lean on. The best things in life are free, indeed.


(All videos were taken from Youtube.com, we do not own rights to each of them. No copyright infringement intended.)


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