Feast on Authentic German Food and Beer in This Oktoberfest Celebration

At Newport World Resorts’ first authentic German celebration of Oktoberfest, real beef and pork, finely minced and mixed with herbs and seasonings, wrapped in soft and sheer casing, then poached in carefully tempered steaming waters, take the spotlight. One bite is a cacophony of savory flavors reminiscent of Germany’s popular delicacy. 

The annual beer festival, much awaited all over the world, makes its debut in the country’s pioneer integrated resort with a platter of the best German sausages and other festive fare. For three nights from the 19th to 21st of October at the Ballroom, 3F Hilton Manila, Newport World Resorts’s own award-winning culinary team sets forth a premium feast of German indulgence. 

Elevating the flavors of the festival is the master chef tandem of Newport World Resorts Director of Culinary Operations Chef Mateo Ragonjan and Hilton Manila Executive Chef Ryan Hong, and their dedication to serving an authentic gastronomic experience. 

Oktoberfest 2023 at Newport World Resorts 1

Photo: Newport World Resorts

“We were really excited to try our hands in German cuisine for Oktoberfest,” Chef Mateo shares, “We were so happy that our specially curated menu was well-received by several tastings. Our sausages were even sourced from a reliable and reputable German chef for added authenticity.” Newport World Resorts’ exclusive sausage platter features five varieties of cultural staples. 

Beloved worldwide, bratwurst boasts of flavor with strong hints of fine herbs. This tender pork sausage is best enjoyed with German mustard, one of the many Bavarian dips and sauces served alongside the spread. 

Another festival essential is bockwurst. This juicy pork-and-beef sausage is well-seasoned with chives and cloves for a bold and earthy flavor that calls for tangy sauerkraut to balance it out. 

Presented in a pot of salt water to keep the casing intact, weisswurst or white sausage is well-known for its soft texture and mild pork taste spiced up with parsley, lemon zest, and cardamom. This traditional breakfast sausage is served all night as a great partner to sweet mustard and wheat beer. 

Oktoberfest 2023 at Newport World Resorts 2

Photo: Newport World Resorts

Newport World Resorts also introduces nurnberger to the menu, served in a grilled spiral, the pork meat in sheep casing evokes the distinct taste of marjoram. Completing the meat course is Hungarian sausage, made of pork and beef flavored with garlic, nutmeg, and paprika for a mildly spicy kick. 

Served alongside the sausage platter is a full spread of German delicacies – from appetizers to delectable desserts. Included in the Oktoberfest menu are fresh pretzels and rolls; potato and Munich salads; an impressive charcuterie board; chicken schnitzel and pork knuckles; German egg noodles; and baked apple strudel, among many other specialties. To keep the festive mood going, the lifestyle hub partnered with the world’s oldest brewery, the Weihenstephan Brewery, to bring in premium bottomless Bavarian beers to the high-spirited festival.

“Newport World Resorts is home to a culinary powerhouse and we are proud to showcase our global expertise for our first German Oktoberfest,” says David Jorden, Newport World Resorts Chief Marketing Officer. 

The festival also spotlights live entertainment from world-renowned AnTon Showband, fun drinking games, and major prizes. For PHP 5,200 nett per head, join the party of free-flowing food and beer on October 19 to 21 at The Ballroom, Hilton Manila. Doors open at 6:00 PM. 

For tickets and inquiries, contact the Hilton Manila Sales Team: Arianne Mae Rodelas at 0917 848 6404 and Jhocar San Mateo at 0917 811 0731; or email hiltonmanila_events@hilton.com; and Newport World Resorts Sales Team: Jimmy Iglesias at 0917 872 8734 and JD Dionio at 0917 878 8568.

Escape the ordinary at Newport World Resorts, you know you want to. For more information on Oktoberfest, visit https://www.newportworldresorts.com/oktoberfest2023       and follow @newportworldresorts on Facebook and Instagram and @nwresorts on Twitter. Make the most of your visit and sign up for an Epic Membership or download the Epic Rewards Mobile App for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.