Fear no more: PETA brings back the award-winning Shakespeare rap musical “William”


When In Manila and looking for your not-so-ordinary stage play, I hope you didn’t miss PETA’s award-winning Shakespeare rap musical “William”.










Who would not know the bard that is Shakespeare? With his 38 plays, 154 sonnets and several more poems., William Shakespeare is definitely one of the greatest writers in history, English or not.



“Nosebleed; Shakespeare ako sayo’y nanonosebleed.”




PETA’s William takes more than a “modern twist” on Shakespeare; it also takes a modern twist on the musicals. Taking inspiration from the playwright’s words and rhymes, the lines in the play are on the form of rap. Would you believe that this play was inspired by FlipTop? A Pinoy rap battle league known across the Philippines. As Director Maribel Legarda shared, “In many ways, rap is poetry.” I couldn’t agree more.




Photo 2

John Moran as ‘Richard’ reciting Hamlet’s Soliloquy




William” is about a group of students who developed a love for Shakespeare while preparing monologues for a class project for their English subject. I was very impressed with how the works of Shakespeare was brilliantly inserted in the play. For people, most especially students, who aren’t fond of the typical way of learning your English literature, William is highly recommended. You’ll definitely be quoting Shakespeare by the end of this play. I was even saying to myself, “Why didn’t PETA come up with William earlier?! I would have loved literature more.”




Photo 5

J-mee Kantayg as ‘Sophia’ performing “What’s In a Name?” 
with Carlon Matobato and Cheeno Macaraig as the ‘bugoys’



The personality of each character in the story is very prominent.  Yet though their individualities differ and at start they all seemed to hate the project and fear Shakespeare, they all found a line or two (or a stanza) in his works that they can most relate to. Precisely showing that there is no reason why we would hesitate to participate and take part in reading a bit more of literature, most especially William Shakespeare’s; we would all find one of his characters in ourselves.



Apart from all these literary and Shakespeare love, I would just also like to commend the stage set-up. It was very, very resourceful!




Photo 6

 The set of “William” by Boni Juan, Lighting Design by Jonjon Villareal




When In Manila, I tell you; PETA’s take on England’s home bard was awesome! I’m sure it did turn your personal “Shakes-fear” into “Shakes-peer”.






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Fear no more: PETA brings back the award-winning Shakespeare rap musical “William”