The Fat Butcher PH: Quality Gourmet Meat Products That Won’t Break the Bank

Quality meat is a staple for delicious and satisfying meals. Looking for it may be challenging, but The Fat Butcher PH is now here.

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The Fat Butcher PH has got it all figured out for you! They make sure to deliver top-quality meat because they believe that everyone deserves a good meal after a tiring day. They take out the hassle of having to have an unreliable source for your everyday meat supply.

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Photo from The Fat Butcher PH

The Fat Butcher PH is a meat manufacturing and retail company that curates and sells easy-to-cook, premium quality, gourmet meat products. With quality assurance as one of their core values; they cater to top hotels, restaurants, and even their end consumers.

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Photo from The Fat Butcher PH

Did I say premium? Premium doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna hurt your pockets because The Fat Butcher PH curates the best quality products and offers them at the best value. They make sure that their customers are satisfied and at the same time feel light because they didn’t have to spend too much just to get the best.

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Photo from The Fat Butcher PH

One of their proud bestsellers is the PREMIUM 1” GIANT USDA RIBEYE STEAK. This 1-inch thick, very tender, butter-aged, and marinate-ready ribeye only costs Php750 (1pc, 500g) and is already good for 2 to 3 people, or Php1,500.00 (2 pcs, 1kg) for 4 to 6 people.

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The Fat Butcher PH

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