Fast-Food Restaurants That Bring Back Childhood Memories

Nowadays, there are a lot of themed restaurants because it’s all about aesthetics. Like, are we still really eating for nutrition or just for the ‘gram? Even though trying new food is always a good idea–most especially for foodies, nothing beats the classics! You know, the ones we used to go to as children and associate happy and carefree memories with. Fortunately, some of them are still here! So in case, you’re craving a trip down memory lane, here’s a list of nostalgic fast-food restaurants.

Tropical Hut

The 57-year-old fast-food chain definitely deserves its revival! Did you know that Tropical Hut used to be known as the “original” burger joint in the country? This comes as it was established in 1962, way before Jollibee (1978) and McDonald’s Philippines (1981). After one viral tweet, the restaurant is now reclaiming its former glory thanks to both regulars and new fans!

Kipp’s Chicken

Of course, there’s Jollibee, McDonalds, KFC, Uncle John’s…and then there’s Kipp’s. Personally, I’ve always hated those memes making me choose which fried chicken is the best because each of them has their own signature appeal, okay?! Who could possibly forget the taste of Kipp’s? Established in 1981, it’s absolutely one of our food court favorites!

Goldilocks Bakeshop

Is there a single Filipino who has not yet celebrated a birthday party without a Goldilocks cake? I even remember having one delivered at school in 1998 with my picture on it to share with my classmates! However, I might still be considered one of the younger supporters of the source of crave-worthy polvoron because it has been around since 1966.

Burger Machine

burger machine

w:User:FoxLad, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every Burger Machine food truck is iconic! Also founded in 1981, it is famous for its affordable burgers and 24-hour service–a huge hit to students, workers, and partygoers. Although if you’re one of those who worked hard and earned a little more than what you used to, it’s easy to forget about this budget saver. Nevertheless, it only takes a bite for a nostalgic and maybe even “humbling” experience!


Brought to the Philippines in 1982, the nostalgic effect of Wendy’s might be limited to the South peeps as the branches here disappeared for a time. It had only made a comeback recently, and where else could you buy Wendy’s Chili except at Wendy’s? Plus, they have a salad bar, the Baconator, and most importantly–Frosty!

Hen Lin

Established in 1983, Hen Lin is the OG of dim sum stalls! There may be a lot of them nowadays, but as a siomai lover, I could probably say that Hen Lin maintains its reign over others. Not to mention that there is usually no waiting time because the food is already prepared! Yet, they are still served hot which makes it the perfect meal for hangry people.

De Original Jamaican Pattie

In a rush? De Original Jamaican Pattie serves freshly-baked beef patties since 1991! It’s a quick and convenient pang-palipas gutom because they are widely available. You’re likely to find a De Original Jamaican Pattie kiosk anywhere you go, so you can always order your comfort food, may it be Original Beef, Cheezy Beef Pinatubo, or Beefy Mushroom!

Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant

Cindy’s is said to be the go-to birthday place for every ‘80s and ‘90s Filipino kid! This is due to its pork or chicken barbecue, pancit palabok, and spaghetti combo; plus, you can conveniently order a cake in there too. Established in 1972, the beloved fast-food chain currently has 67 stores in key provinces and Metro Manila!

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