Fashion: Ripples By Jenny – Look Trendy With Affordable Clothing

Fashion: Ripples By Jenny – Look Trendy With Affordable Clothing

Ripples By Jenny: Look Trendy With Affordable Clothing

 (This Sabrina top by Ripples gave my look an instant feminine touch.)

When in Manila, getting first dibs on the latest fashion trends is a big deal for most people nowadays, especially for teenagers. For me, dressing up is something I really look forward to at the very least. Admittedly, fashion is high maintenance, yet ironically, trends never really go out of demand. In this country where fashion is loved by many, not only do we have to live up to the trends, but we also need to consider other factors that come with it.

I’ve recently stumbled upon a store that sells clothes every teenage fashion fan would love. The owner’s innate ability to customise things pushed her to begin a business that initially started with DIYs. Ombre shorts and shirts, braided tops and canvas bags are a few things that made online shoppers follow her business. The e-preneur then took her love for fashion one step further and Ripples by Jenny came to rise.

5 Reasons Why Ripples by Jenny Will Tickle Your Fashion Fancy

 Ripples By Jenny: Look Trendy With Affordable Clothing

 (OOTD Statement Cropped Top and Tartan Skater Skirt – The edgy combo is loved by many teenage followers of the shop)

1.) The most up-to-the-minute style of clothes are up for grabs.

Look at the country’s top bloggers’ OOTDs, then on to Ripples’ page. Rest assured you’ll find clothes that are very similar. Ripples is constantly updated with the latest clothes that can compose a trendy outfit in no time. Find cropped and midriff tops; statement shirts; stylish dresses; plain origami and printed shorts; mermaid, skater, fit and flare, mullet and panelled skirts, and many more awesome clothing pieces at Ripples by Jenny’s online shopping platform.

Ripples By Jenny: Look Trendy With Affordable Clothing

(Their Aurora dress gave me a look that’s tres chic. I love how it emphasises my shoulders in a subtly sexy way.)

2.) Price range is unbelievably affordable.

Out of the abundant amount of online shops around, few are the times that you’ll meet affordabilty and style in one. Having a pretty range of apparel in the e-shops roster, Ripples by Jenny offers items at downright affordable prices, in particular regard to its provincial market, Iloilo. Can you believe that their price range is only at P100-350? I never knew I could still purchase clothes at P100 nowadays! 

Ripples By Jenny: Look Trendy With Affordable Clothing

(I’m wearing a Maja top in black. Cropped tops suit this summer’s warm weather very well.)

3.) The quality of the clothes isn’t compromised despite the low price.

Sometimes, one of the things at stake when purchasing clothes at a low price is the quality. Clothes at bargain prices usually aren’t made out of top quality fabric. Ripples is an exception to this, though, because their clothes are of nice quality. Plus, they’re perfect for any situation, whether you want to act prim and proper or you want to move around.  

Ripples By Jenny: Look Trendy With Affordable Clothing

(Whenever you feel the urge to dress up girly, Ripples by Jenny has got the right pieces for you. Look at this Kimi floral top and midi skater skirt number. Isn’t it so refreshing to look at? 🙂

4.) Transaction is smooth and fast.

One time, I had a fashion emergency that I had to meet, and I had to deal with time constraints, as well. I found the remedy through my purchase from Ripples by Jenny, which barely took me a few minutes to transact. In just a couple of days, I already got my parcel right at my doorstep. Purchasing online has its advantages: it’s techno-savvy and hassle-free. 

Ripples By Jenny: Look Trendy With Affordable Clothing

(My current favorite shirt is this #OOTD midriff top. At P125, you can never go wrong with it!)

5.) Famous personalities and Celebrities patronize their items.

Clothes by Ripples are worn by notable figures in the Philippine fashion blogging industry and to much acclaim, by local celebrities such as Julia Clarete, Rhian Ramos, Pauleen Luna and Aubrey Miles, to name a few. Today, product reviews make such a big impact on consumers, and being favored by these big-league names is a credit in itself, proving to us all that Ripples by Jenny is a quick fix for every girl.

When in Manila, fashion brands always bring you undeniable eye candies. We all know that giving in to the temptation of shopping is already inevitable for us, girls, so fret not, hippie ladies. Refurbish your closets even with a small budget and let Ripples by Jenny spoil you with their eminently affordable modish pieces.

Ripples By Jenny



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Fashion: Ripples By Jenny – Look Trendy With Affordable Clothing


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