Fashion Malfunction – What To Do?




Who would have thought I just encountered wardrobe malfunction? 



When in Manila, perhaps you’re waiting for an interview, having dinner with your  clients, or spending time with that one special person in your life, when all of a sudden  you noticed that something is amiss!!! Your skirt slit split, you lost a button on  your blouse, or  simply spilled wine on your dress! Don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world yet,  and here are some tips that will help you survive this ordeal:


First thing’s first, remember the saying that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The same thing applies when it comes to wardrobe. With that, you should make sure you have these little things in your pouch in case unexpected things happen:



1.Portable sewing kit – This will help you in case the strap of your dress was cut or if  your skirt slit split (this actually happened to me few days ago.) Or if you just need a quick adjustment on your clothes.


2.Safety pins– These are good replacements for buttons that suddenly popped out from your  blouse due to excessive food intake!? (Kidding.) Sometimes you also have these blouses that   for some reason the spaces in between the buttons keep opening, which actually give chances  for the peeping toms to see part of your jewels. I’m sure you don’t want that, so do bring a safety pin.


3.Fashion tape– They’re double adhesive tapes that will surely keep your bras or clothes in the right place. This is suitable for cocktail or party dresses and those ready to wear gowns  that are not so ready to wear if you know what I mean. What’s great about this is that   it’s hypoallergenic and sweat proof, so yes  you can dance the night away without any worry.


4.Last but not the least—WEAR the RIGHT UNDIES. Yes, I know you probably thought nobody sees it, so what’s the big deal? Number one rule don’t wear black or printed bra or knickers on white tops or pants, its shows. Your g-string should remain hidden and please avoid panty lines that will show on your tight skirt.




That cloth around my skirt is the scarf that I used to cover my not so ruin skirt.  



When you are already in that situation, you must remember to relax and think of the solution and not of the problem. What I do is that I check what I have with me; I try to look  for things that I can use to cover up or fix the problem.

Based on what I experienced this week,  “having the slit of my skirt split till it reached my bum,” I used my shoal that I have with me for the  temporary solution, and then when I reached my destination, that’s where I brought  out my sewing kit; the kit saved my day.

One thing you girls should also remember when facing wardrobe malfunction is to never ever fidget about it. Wear it as if nothing’s wrong with it. Wear it with all the confidence that you have. Some people won’t even notice that there’s something wrong with what you’re wearing unless they see your uneasiness. I also had this experience when I was younger. My shoes sole fell apart. What I, together with my friends, did was we bought  bubblegums like “bazooka” and Juicy Fruit Gum, chewed them, and tried to use them to glue  the sole to my shoe. Unfortunately, that technique did not work. And so I just took my shoes  off, and then walked on bare feet with my head up high.





‘Act as if nothings wrong’ that’s what I keep on telling myself 


There’s another trick that I want to share. There are times when our drink spills or ketchup stains our clothes. The best solutions for that are liquid soaps  lemon juice, or hydrogen  peroxide .  You just have to make sure that you wash the cloth from the other side of the  stain, in order to avoid the spreading and in using liquid soap, wash it in circular motion. 

Wardrobe malfunctions are avoidable at times. You just have to remember that clothes do not define you, but rather your personality and your confidence in carrying the clothes no matter how awful they look.

So When in Manila and fashion malfunction happened to you, remember wear it as if you just styled it that way.





Few more tips just for you 😉

Fashion Malfunction – What To Do?


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