Fashion, Function, and Purpose: Why These Minimalist #GoLocal Bags are Needs, Not Wants

Article by Aimee Julia Pua / Photos by Jeanne Dizon

Bags are pretty much essentials for the modern, on-the-go millennial—we need them to carry our school books, not-really-for-school books, wallets (that are usually already empty by the first quarter of the week), rolls of tissue just in case, and our beloved cellphones (when they aren’t glued to our faces). Of course, there are still times when we carry them around just as a fashion statement.

Bag1Photo from Peculiar and Odd

Peculiar and Odd offers bags that are both functional, fashionable, and purposeful. Because you totally need them in your lives, I’m going to share the top 3 reasons why you need to get them ASAP.

3. To enhance your OOTDs

PeculiarandOdd bags 20 171012

PeculiarandOdd bags 6 1710121

The brand’s new collection features a line of modern, unisex backpacks and drawstring bags that always look as great as you do. (Flattered yet?) Their minimalist designs can pretty much turn any outfit into a trendy, contemporary look – perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re going to school, to the mall, or to an event, these bags are bound to add a little extra wow to your OOTD.

Bonus: they’re made of a variety of fabrics and textures. The bags have canvas and satin interiors for a sleek, strong inside, and velvet fabric exteriors for that gorgeous, elegant look!

2. To keep your laptops and files organized

PeculiarandOdd bags 4 171012

PeculiarandOdd bags 9 171012

If you need bags that will carry all your laptops, filers, folders, etc. without breaking down when you lift them up (or in the middle of your walk, kung minamalas ka), get these. The multiple layers of textures and fabrics make the bags extra durable, so you won’t have to worry about any sudden holes appearing! The backpacks have a laptop/file organizer inside, and the drawstrings have metallic zippers on the front for easy access of important belongings.

1. To empower local enterprises #GoLocal

Bag11Photo from Peculiar and Odd

Peculiar and Odd is a lifestyle brand that makes #GoLocal its main focus. The brand wants to empower both small and medium local enterprises, which is why its products have a touch of local handmade fabrics from Sagada. The bags were assembled in the beautiful city of Marikina, which is notable for its international quality craftsmanship – because we only deserve the best.

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So, what are you waiting for? Want to treat yourself to little packages of fashion, function, and purpose? Grab yourself a drawstring bag or backpack from Peculiar and Odd–or better yet, why not both?

Peculiar and Odd