Fancy Some Tea at The Royal Piccadilly?

Fancy Some Tea at The Royal Piccadilly?


Scones and an assortment of pastries arranged on a tier and cups of brewed tea poured from a dainty teapot? Sounds like a delightful afternoon!

When In Manila, gone are the days of pining over afternoon tea sets that can burn a hole in the wallet. At The Royal Piccadilly, tea time is an affair meant to be enjoyed by many, without having to sacrifice quality and quantity.



London, The Royal Piccadilly


Situated above Petron Katipunan, The Royal Piccadilly almost transports you to an entirely new world with its beautiful interiors. The décor is absolutely Pinterest worthy that it’s almost a crime not to take a photo of everything in sight. A charm is emanated by the café. Its posh without being pretentious, sophisticatedly chic yet warm and relaxing — a complete paradox from the usual busy streets of Katipunan.


The Royal Piccadilly, English Tea

Afternoon tea, English tea, The Royal Piccadilly, tea

Afternoon Tea Sunday Buffet (P350/person)

There’s a certain allure brought about by an afternoon tea experience. It’s a perfect occasion for everyone to dress up in their Sundays best, catch up over delicious bites of pastries, and live life as some of the English do, complete with a pinky up when holding a tea cup.


afternoon tea, promo, the royal piccadilly

For their anniversary month, The Royal Piccadilly offers a special Sunday treat at 2-6pm for all afternoon tea enthusiasts. For a mere P350/person, one can already partake of a wonderful spread of cakes, cookies, and scones, with the tea of their choice. Did I mention that the café bakery also has pearl necklaces and floppy hats for you and your gal pals to wear while having tea? Quite a beau-tea-ful sight to see, I believe!


scones, tea, the royal piccadilly

Chocolate Chip and Raisin, Ham and Cheese, Sultana

pastries, cookies, cakes, the royal piccadilly

Battenburg Cake, Chocolate Chip with Walnut Cookie, White Chocolate with Macadamia Cookie, Puffin, Caramel Bar, Rocky Road Fudge, and Chocolate Cupcake with Marshmallow Frosting

Special recommendations include the Coronation Chicken Sandwich which includes a spread of curry, chicken, and chutney in between two triangles of white bread; the scones which are absolutely perfect when topped with the bakery’s own English cream; the Puffin, an elevated version of a cream puff thanks to its puffed pastry and dark chocolate exterior; and the Battenburg cake, a moist butter cake with apricot jam covered in marzipan. 


lamb shanks, the royal piccadilly, mashed potatoes

Lamb Shanks (P585)

When dining at The Royal Piccadilly, it should go without saying that it’d be best to go on an empty stomach, because not only do they offer afternoon tea, but they also have an extensive list of sumptuous mains.

Their Lamb Shanks are incredibly tender and gives utmost yield when taken apart by a knife. Served with a side of mash (what the Brits call their mashed potatoes), veggies, and a generous amount of gravy, this hearty dish deserves to have a spot in everyone’s comfort food scale.


Meat Pie, Beef, the royal piccadilly

Beef and Gravy Meat Pie (P175)

Face it, Meat Pies are just better when inspired by the English. The Royal Piccadilly’s Meat Pies are perfected to a T, thanks to its meaty filling – sans the fat found in most meat pies – and the unbelievably flaky yet not dry crust. Definitely giving this dish two thumbs up!


fish and chips, crispy, the royal piccadilly

Fish and Chips (P325)

A massive platter awaits 2 hungry eaters when they avail of the Fish and Chips promo. The offer comes with 2 iced teas and 2 mini cupcakes. The platter, which in my opinion, is big enough to feed 3 stomachs, features a crisp and crunchy batter outside a fluffy fillet of fish. Pair it with tartar sauce or try it with some Heinz Gourmet Malt Vinegar.


baby back ribs, the royal piccadilly, best dish

Baby Back Ribs (P750 minimum)

It doesn’t get any better than this: a well sauced colossal slab of meat on top of a fried rice pilaf. It’s so good that a part of me wanted to abandon all ladylikeness and just attack the meat caveman-style. Don’t even leave The Royal Piccadilly without trying this. Seriously. You can thank me later.


butter beer, harry potter, beer, the royal piccadilly

Butter Beer (P99 on Mondays)

Inspired by the popular Harry Potter books of J.K. Rowling, the cafe serves up its own take on the infamous Butter Beer. There are two variations to try from: the Original and the Spiked. Why not try both with their Monday promo?


iced tea, twinings, tea, the royal piccadilly

Four Red Fruits, Strawberry Mango, and Apple Cinnamon Raisin

Teas served in mason jars and topped with the prettiest of straws. Take your pick from the cafe’s selection of Twinings teas. I would personally recommend the Four Red Fruits and Strawberry Mango flavors. 


beers, imported beers, bavaria, the royal piccadilly

Did you know that they serve local and imported beers as well? Read all about it here.

Overall, The Royal Piccadilly is a delight on its own. Each detail is given utmost importance in the café bakery resulting to a carefree afternoon where one can forget about the outside world and instead enjoy the warmth and peace that a cup of tea can give.


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The Royal Piccadilly


2/F, Petron La Vista, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

02 4353109, +63 9163454694

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Fancy Some Tea at The Royal Piccadilly