To Falling in Love and Whatever Comes Next

As the night went deeper, he pulled me closer. His hands clasped mine, his lips touched my shoulder. His kiss crept up my neck to my lips. He pulled me in and touched my face then whispered how beautiful I was. The night sky turned darker as sparkles of stars came through.

We lay there. Face to face, his smile genuine and perfect. His laugh is like music to my ears and harmony to my heart. He asked me how we ended up there in that moment, when a few years ago we were just strangers on different ends of the world. I never thought of it; we were just there hand in hand like the world didn’t matter. Like the world didn’t know. For we were a secret. He was my best kept secret. My darkest one.

He held me closer, my head against his chest, his hands around my shoulders. I could hear his heart beat and I wished every beat calls out my name. I closed my eyes and felt him kiss me on the forehead. He held my hand and wished it can only hold mine.

Slowly, I opened my eyes to the morning light. I sat beside the window with my back against the wall. He is like a dream that goes away when you wake up, like how the moon looms over another when daylight comes.

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