Facial Care Center Celebrates the Filipino Spirit with the Earth Faces Launch

Facial Care Center Celebrates the Filipino Spirit with the Earth Faces Launch

Wherever you are in the world, you will definitely be able to feel the effect of the usual headlining issue of global warming. Intense heat this summer, unstable weather conditions throughout the year, massive catastrophic natural calamities, melting ice caps and other natural events definitely caused by us – these continuously occur, year in and year out, and they just keep getting worse.

The most recent challenge our country faced was the devastation of the world news-headlining Typhoon Yolanda. Houses torn, families separated, trees downed, properties worth millions lost in a blink of an eye – these were just some of the scenes left by the world’s strongest typhoon to be EVER recorded.Benefit concerts, satellite donation sites, network telethons, proceeds-from-sales, and other forms of help were organized to help our kababayans slowly get up from this ‘challenge’.

Facial Care Center Earth Faces

Despite the staggering observation of how Mother Nature can take its toll on humanity when it’s sick, there is still a rampant “climate change denial” in the absence of unified concrete laws and policies to fight one of the most defining issues of our time, though. The good thing is that there are many citizens and private organisations out there who do their part to create more advocacies and pioneering programs to help Mother Nature’s cause.

This 2014, for example the Facial Care Center (FCC), along with Headshot Clinic (HSC) and Emmy-award winning Filipino producer Michael Carandang, have collaborated for their biggest advocacy initiative yet: Earth Faces, a climate change campaign that showcases 100 stories of Filipinos through portraits. “It weaves together stories of those who lived through Super Typhoon Yolanda, and those who did their best to help them. The subjects are a mix of advocates, celebrities, media personalities, and survivors shot on location.”

Earth Faces is a formidable project that aims to raise awareness for Climate Change and at the same time, send a message of hope to Filipinos and the rest of the world. Check out the ambassadors’ visit to Tacloban here: https://www.wheninmanila.com/earth-faces-facial-care-centre-and-the-headshot-clinics-project-showcasing-filipinos-through-portraits/

Facial Care Center Earth Faces

Last April 24, the #EarthFaces exhibit was launched at the Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk. A creative gallery was stretched out along the fashion walk, featuring projected images of the celebrity ambassadors’ shots (courtesy of Project Headshot Clinic) onto pieces of white cloth. It was definitely an inspiring sight to see during the event as one gets to appreciate the elegance of the cause in simplicity.

Facial Care Center Earth Faces

Facial Care Center Earth Faces

Facial Care Center Earth Faces

Facial Care Center Earth Faces

(left) Climate Change Commission’s Sec. Lucille Sering
(upper right) Mr. George Siy, Facial Care Center’s President
(lower right) Bianca Gonzales and the event’s host, RJ Ledesma


Facial Care Center Earth Faces

Ms. Nyko Maca serenading the attendees


Facial Care Center Earth Faces

WhenInManila.com’s very own Vince Golangco is a proud ambassador of Earth Faces!

Facial Care Center_-10

With the help of Project Headshot Clinic’s mastery of photography and Michael Carandang’s internationally-acclaimed filming expertise, Earth Faces endeavors to capture the human strength to overcome risk and adversity as told by the survivors of Yolanda through film and photography.

Facial Care Center_12

The finished work produced from the Earth Faces project will be handed to the Climate Change Commission. The body of work also hopes to reinforce concrete steps to help prevent these destructive calamities.

“For the country, Earth Faces may be a story of how a nation came together in solidarity with those affected. For Yolanda survivors, it is a testament of their willingness to live on and endure the odds. For the rest of the world, it is and always will be, a momentous display of Filipino spirit.”

Facial Care Center_13

The #EarthFaces ambassadors showing their beautiful smiles to the cameras


Facial Care Center_14

Me and fellow WIM-er, Ruby Andor, with celebrities present in the launch 🙂

We are witnesses to the power of Mother Nature, and it really is devastating when she is hurt. Each and everyone of us must contribute to any cause out there that will help ease the problems of our planet right now, especially Climate Change. May it be a small or big contribution, your willingness to help, along with concrete actions, will definitely help alleviate our Mother Earth’s sickness. Do your part.

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Facial Care Center


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The beauty of the human spirit.
Be part of the change. Visit www.climate.gov.ph and find out how you can help.

Facial Care Center Celebrates the Filipino Spirit with the Earth Faces Launch