F.T. Island Choi Jonghun Will Remain Jailed Following Sexual Assault Charges

Photo from: AllKpop

Arrest warrants for former F.T. Island member Choi Jong Hun and Girls’ Generation Yuri’s brother Kwon Hyuk Joon were reportedly approved following their sexual assault charges. Last May 9, judges Song Kyung Ho and Myung Jae Kwon were reported to have issued the arrest warrants. They explained their decision, “There is danger of evidence getting destroyed.”

It was previously reported that Choi Jong Hun was one of the suspects regarding a case about sexually assaulting a woman in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province back in 2016. The reports via Business Times stated that this group of men, including the singer, drank alcohol together before the said crime. He, however, denied all the allegations.

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Still, on May 31, the Seoul Central District Court officially stated that Jonghun will remain in jail and ruled that their arrest warrant is legal, as reported by Korean Entertainment news site AllKpop. No further reports were made and the now-retired K-pop star will still undergo a trial.

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