Experience #VisionaryPhotography with the HUAWEI P40 Series

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HUAWEI wowed the world again as it unveiled its latest P40 Series last March 26 via an online event on Facebook and Youtube. I was one of those of course, who ardently waited and watched the online launch as HUAWEI Consumer Business Group CEO, Mr Richard Yu, took the stage to tell the world about the P40 Series.

I couldn’t help but get a bit teary-eyed as I witnessed my favorite brand unveil yet another masterpiece (I believe I always get emotional with every launch). I don’t mean to sound overly dramatic… yeah yeah I know for some, “it’s just another phone” but to me, the brand HUAWEI is a brand that I’m deeply connected with. By this time, I’m already immune to all the bashers and haters… hmmp! I don’t really care. They are not users anyway… ‘Coz if you’re a real HUAWEI user, you’d know why I keep choosing HUAWEI ’til now. With HUAWEI’s camera and battery performance alone, “tapos na ang usapan!”

During these trying times amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, I find comfort as I browse through my gallery of HUAWEI photos. I keep my sanity intact by appreciating the people, places and events that I had the chance to immortalize. I realized that at the end of the day, all you really have are memories and photographs to remind you of your existence. That’s why it’s important to choose your camera well. As I go through this phase of uncertainty, I’m glad to have with me a dependable smartphone with dependable battery life, AI capability assisting me with daily tasks and superb camera features that enables me to view my loved-ones clearly during video calls, online classes and work meetings. Occasionally when I get to go out to buy food, I’d feel less anxious whenever I get to take photos of the clearer and bluer skies we now get to enjoy in Manila. Still, mobile photography remains as one of my sources of bliss. Thank God for the technology we have today.

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Going back to the P40 Series, the highlight, of course, is the camera! The HUAWEI P40 Series is equipped with Huawei’s most sophisticated camera system yet, capable of producing breath-taking imagery with a lightweight chassis. Improvements have been made to ensure that performance across the focal length range is better than before. Wide shots and ultra-wide shots are more detailed than ever, while the SuperZoom Lens takes the users even farther. All aspects pertaining to the camera – from low-light performance, noise control, dynamic range, resolution to focus speed and beyond – see significant upgrades. If you inspect closely, you’ll see everything, down to the smallest detail, is new and improved. HUAWEI P40 Pro+ supports 10X optical zoom, 20X hybrid zoom and 100X maximum zoom, delivering a ground-breaking zoom photography experience.


Introducing the HUAWEI Quad-curve Overflow Display

As for the design, I find it more elegant and “premium” compared with the P30 Series. The P40 features the HUAWEI Quad-curve Overflow Display – an elegant and sleek borderless display that will fill the user with joy. It features slender bezels, maximizing the viewing area for users.


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More Powerful Than Ever

Aside from having LEICA technology on HUAWEI flagship phones, another thing that makes HUAWEI’s cameras ahead from the rest, is because they partner it with their most advanced Kirin AI chipset. 

The HUAWEI P40 Series is powered by Kirin 990 5G, which integrates the processor and 5G baseband into one single chip, the technological representation of the beauty of simplicity. The game-changing SoC uses a three-level power efficiency management for CPU and a 16-core GPU.

Thanks to the cutting-edge manufacturing process, the Kirin 990 5G is the most advanced mobile phone chip to date, complete with highly competitive performance, energy efficiency and transistor density to deliver faster mobile experiences with less heat generation, effectively handling various computing tasks and easily running resource-intensive apps.

Yes, it’s 5G! 5G!!!! If you’re planning to buy a new phone, do yourself a favor by investing in a 5G phone to be able to enjoy the benefits of 5G once our network providers fully offer this service this year.


Light Yet Bigger Battery Life

All HUAWEI fans like me would agree that HUAWEI has the best battery life/performance ever!  Amazing how they manage to keep their phones, light, safe (never exploding), slim yet with powerful and efficient battery performance.  This is one of the major reasons why I keep choosing this brand. As for the P40 Series, the P40 has 3800mAh while the P40 Pro has 4200 mAh.

Oh by the way, their charges are super fast too! You need only 30mins or less than an hour for your phone to be almost fully charged. Thanks to their 40watt SuperCharge chargers.


EMUI 10.1 Commences an All-Scenario Smart Lifestyle

One of my agendas in 2020 is to fully embrace smart living where all my HUAWEI devices can communicate and collaborate seamlessly to make life easier. I believe this is now possible with the EMUI10.0.

As a leader in the all-scenario space, EMUI and Huawei smartphones together facilitate collaboration between smart TVs, speakers, laptops and many more through powerful communication, photography, intelligence, security and computing capabilities.


Still no Google? NO Problem!

The HUAWEI P40 Series is powered by Huawei Mobile Services and Huawei AppGallery. AppGallery is Huawei’s official app distribution platform and is now the third-biggest app store globally. Huawei AppGallery features a four-layer detection mechanism to ensure that apps featured on the platform are safe to download and use. All kinds of useful and fun apps such as TikTok, Viber, Facebook, Gcash, BDO, Lazada, Wordscapes, and Asphalt 9 are available for download through AppGallery. To find out more, you may check: https://huaweimobileservices.com/appgallery/

I’ve been using the HUAWEI Mate 30 for months now without Google Services is it works fine except I cannot see the location map whenever I use Grab App for now. I get to enjoy Facebook, Instagram and even open my Gmail every day.  Anyways, about the map on the Grab App, I’m pretty sure HUAWEI will have all these fixed very soon.


The HUAWEI P40 Series is now available for pre-order until April 24. I highly recommend you pre-order right away to get awesome FREEBIES! Here’s the link: https://www.wheninmanila.com/pre-order-your-huawei-p40-series-from-march-27-until-april-24-to-get-amazing-freebies/

Stay tuned for more updates. Hopefully I can get to unbox a unit soon so I can test it out too!

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy!