Exile On Main St: Taft’s Most Loved Artsy Resto Now In Katipunan

Going to Exile on Main St brings me back to my time as a Taft girl, where I lived for two years before moving to Katipunan in 2012. Its kooky interiors, intimate vibe, and unpretentiously good food were really memorable to me, that Exile was one of the few things I missed about Taft since moving to the northern part of the metro.


Now, I could not be more thrilled as Exile just opened another branch along Katipunan, bringing back the same good food and eccentric ambiance I enjoyed with my friends, along with more surprises! With the original Taft location started by three friends a few years back, the new Exile on Main St in Katipunan is under the helm of Boron Ramos, who promises to bring the same artsy and whimsical feeling to the new branch, while providing a completely new experience for Katipunan!


Staying true to its out-of-its-world theme, Exile on Main St takes this to a whole new level by dressing the restaurant in three different “worlds”: there’s a frivolous and outrageously pink themed section decked with mirrors and shoes on the ceiling called the “Sexy Room”; beside it a black, contemporary art-themed section; then a vintage, artistic part of the restaurant, filled with hand-painted chairs, floor murals, and salvaged wood.

Exile on Main St design

They’ve also apparently got a thing with chairs: see these on the ceiling upside down, on the wall, or even just on the ground, each hand-painted differently.

Exile on Main St chairs

Rock n’ roll references (Exile on Main St was named after the Rolling Stones album that the owners love) and whimsical decor give Exile its character, as seen in (and ON) its menu! The food is basically comfort food given a twist, and if their generous servings and insanely great taste don’t get to you, perhaps its witty menu names will. Get ready to exile yourself with their awesome offerings!

Exile Food

More on the amazing food we tried at Exile on the next page!


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