Exile On Main St: Taft’s Most Loved Artsy Resto Now In Katipunan


Gimme Shiitake (P135)

I love mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms have a distinct flavor on their own. The chive crumbs give an interesting texture that complements the mushroom, and the garlic wasabi mayo gives the mushrooms that much-appreciated zing in taste.



Longganisa Con Sinta (P125)

I normally prefer savory, garlicky longganisa over the sweeter variety, but I can make an exception for Exile’s Longganisa Con Sinta. The longganisa was well-seasoned and smoky, and simply amazing with black vinegar and salsa. I also liked the texture of the dumpling wrapper, which was chewy and dense, as it complemented the longganisa.



Frequent Flyer Chicks – Java and China (P135 – 6 pieces with rice / P215 – 12 pieces, can choose two flavors)

While most of the offerings at Exile are amazing for its price, the superstars are definitely the wings, called Frequent Flyer Chicks. You can avail of them in three flavors: Texas (a tangy, smoky tomato-based barbecue sauce), China (savory soy sauce and honey coating topped with sesame seeds), and their newest flavor, Java (peanut satay sauce, topped with ground peanuts). We tried China and Java.

Both flavors are great either way, and has something for everyone. But a personal favorite would have to be China. The sweet-savory flavor is even just more enhanced with sesame seeds, giving it that aroma and a certain crisp that is just finger-licking good! For the Java sauce, I liked how it was creamy without being too sweet. The ground peanuts on top was also a great addition for texture, and lending more of that peanut flavor.



The White Stripes (P155)

Exile’s best-selling pasta dish, and with good reason! With roasted garlic and basil cream sauce, in-house sausage meatballs on top, everything about this dish spells flavorful, and they don’t scrimp on the parmesan cheese either. Automatic points!



Drunken Dory (P130, comes with rice)

Fish and chips have got to be one of my most favorite dishes, so I tend to be particular about this. With the beer batter done with cerveza negra, I was more than pleasantly surprised with Exile’s take on the fish. The cerveza negra definitely adds more depth to the flavor in its batter, with a fuller flavor as opposed to just using the usual malt beer in the batter.



Monggo Tinapa Mo! (95, comes with rice)

It may not look like much, but don’t let it fool you. I certainly was deceived! Sworn by the owners as a go-to dish, this simple-looking packs a punch in flavor! Instead of using tinapa flakes, Exile shreds their own tinapa in the monggo soup, giving it that natural smoky flavor. The monggo was also tasty, with the crispy chicharon on top pairing well. Drown this in a bed of steaming white rice and you’re all set. Recommended for the hungry diner!



Y Tu Mama Brownie (P85)

This… THIS is Y Tu Mama. Oh, where to even begin with this dessert? One spoonful of this in your mouth and it’s like an explosion of just pure ecstasy in your mouth. From the rich chocolate flavor and the walnut chunks, to the drizzled caramel and creamy vanilla ice cream that melts in your mouth, dare we say it, it’s one of the best brownies a la mode in the metro.



Exile Creamery Co. (P65 one scoop / P120 two scoops / P175 three scoops)

Exile’s newest offering on the menu, their series of artisanal ice cream, immediately won me over. While a handful of restaurants have begun to offer in-house crafted ice cream, Exile immediately stands out: they’re not as expensive as others, and the flavors are just as creative and lip-smacking!


The H&M (Hatter & March Hare) ice cream, named after the tea-loving Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, is actually an Earl-Grey flavored ice cream, with chunks of moist lemon pound cake in it. I loved this flavor, as I thought the lemon pound cake infused in the ice cream was a clever addition. The Earl Grey flavor was distinct, but don’t worry if you don’t like tea, as it is far from bitter! The flavors of the lemon pound cake and earl grey just danced in my mouth and was just begging for more.

The Milk & Cookies ice cream is Exile’s elevated version of cookies and cream, infusing half-baked cookies that are cut into chunks in the ice cream. Imagine the flavor of milk after dunking in your oreos, made into ice cream. That’s how mind-blowing this flavor is.


What’s commendable about Exile is that the quality and flavor of their food is not compromised, despite their affordable prices. There are also a lot more in store for Exile as 2016 rolls around, such as weekly gigs and spoken word nights, as well as more flavors for their artisanal ice cream and other exciting new things on the menu!

Exile on Main St design 2

Make Exile your next Katipunan hangout. Find Exile on Main St at the Ground Floor, Unit H, 299 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (in front of Ateneo, beside National bookstore). Exile is behind Sango.

Exile on Main St


Ground Floor, Unit H, 299 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (in front of Ateneo, beside National bookstore)

Open from 11am-11pm


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