Etsuka: This Inclusive Fashion Brand Transforms Vintage Kimonos Into Stylish New Pieces

If you’re a certified fan and supporter of sustainable fashion, there’s a new fashion brand to watch out for.

Mimi Dumalaog, a Filipina entrepreneur and PhD student based in Japan, is making waves in the fashion industry with her innovative brand: Etsuka.

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Photo courtesy of Etsuka

Etsuka is a newly established fashion brand that reuses old kimonos and transforms them into modern fashion pieces such as pants, skirts, and tops.

With a mission to breathe new life into vintage kimono while championing inclusivity, sustainability, and individuality, Etsuka is redefining fashion norms.

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Photo courtesy of Etsuka

Every weekend, Mimi goes to thrift shops in Japan to curate the most exquisite vintage kimono which will then be used to make new pieces.

Aside from the dream to build a sustainable brand, Mimi’s mission is to open a clothing brand that accommodates all shapes and sizes.

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Photo courtesy of Etsuka

Mimi herself knows the difficulty of finding clothes that flatter and fit her body. Drawing from her personal journey, Etsuka made it a mission to bridge the gap in sizing and style diversity. Etsuka is proud to announce that it can accommodate sizes from XXS to 5XL.

“We’re not just creating garments; we’re crafting a movement. Clothes should fit you and not the other way around,” says Mim. “Everyone deserves to feel seen and celebrated in fashion, regardless of their size or shape.”

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Photo courtesy of Etsuka

Currently in pre-order mode, Etsuka offers a special treat for early patrons. Orders placed before December 20 will receive customized pants tailored to individual measurements, a personalized touch reflecting the brand’s dedication to size inclusivity.

Etsuka isn’t just a brand; it’s a celebration of diversity, a pledge to sustainability, and a testament to the belief that fashion should empower and embrace every body.

Follow Etsuka on Instagram to get first dibs on their pieces: @etsuka_fashion.

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