ENTHRALL: A Night of Today’s Up-and-Coming Indie Bands

ENTHRALL: A Night of Today’s Up-and-Coming Indie Bandsenthrall docdef logo only


“Have you heard good music lately?” asks Docdef Productions. I am pretty sure you have – Filipinos are a little too fond of them. But neither can you get enough of it.

Come to Route 196 on thursday, August 14. Docdef Productions is having its first gig of the month with a line-up of some of today’s up-and-coming indie bands – plus, a little bit of a surprise. From soul to pop, from motown to jazz, “Enthrall” is featuring The Ransom Collective (Champion – Wanderband 2014), Jensen and the Flips, Chocolate Grass, Jireh Calo Project, Ryan Villamor Trio,UBE, Hotline, Mind Money Circuit, Cygnet, and all the way from Japan, Koji Ishikawa, to be accompanied by Nino Regalado on drums, Yuna Reguerra on bass, Janno Queyquep and Kakoy Legaspi on guitar, and Taku Yabuki and Niki Cabardo on keys.

Koji Ishikawa was impressed with the quality of Filipino music when he first visited the country in 2000 that he has since then devoted time into listening, learning, and loving our craft. With all these favored artists, Docdef Productions promises another capital night of exciting music and love.

Docdef is constantly being attributed as a game-changer in the indie music scene what with successful turnouts even during gigs that fall on weeknights and its tasteful and thought out curation. I would also like to blame the goers (myself included) for Docdef’s steady growth. Join in. Maki-docdef na!


August 14, 2014. Route 196 Blueridge Katipunan. 7:30PM. P200 (comes with one drink)




ENTHRALL: A Night of Today’s Up-and-Coming Indie Bands