ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Yahoong Yahoo!’ Bearwin Meily is ‘Batak’


Remember that plump dude always shouting “Yahoong Yahoo!” with his hands crossed on his chest on Pinoy sitcoms like “Palibhasa Lalake”?

Yes, that’s Bearwin Meily.

He is “batak” now.

For many years, Bearwin has been on his transformation journey, from being the plump dude to being this chiseled runner.

Apparently, Bearwin has become hooked into running. Since 2006, he has been joining running events that led to a physical transformation.

Recently, he posted the photo and caption below on his Facebook page.


You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE.

Be a Blessing. Be an Inspiration.

Yahoong Yahoo, di ba?

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