ENTERTAINMENT: X Factor’s Alex & Sierra have broken up as a Musical Duo and as a Couple

Unfortunately, some voices just don’t blend well anymore (metaphorically, at least).

Revealed in a Tweet, music duo and couple Alex and Sierra have decided to part ways – in terms of their relationship and as artists together.

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The tweet revealed also, however, that the two have been separated for about a year already but they have decided to also separate as a duo just recently.


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Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deatan rose to fame after winning reality TV show X-Factor last 2013. Since then, they have been touring and producing more music together.

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Overwhelmed with the response of social media users and fans alike, through their joint Twitter account, they admitted they didn’t “expect such kindness and understanding”.

We’re wishing the two the best as individuals and (hopefully) as solo artists.

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