ENTERTAINMENT: Singer Aaron Carter comes out as bisexual

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Aaron Carter has been soaring wings and braving skies lately. Last month, he admitted in an interview that he was suffering an eating disorder.

But the biggest surprise for many of Carter’s fans is when he announced on his Twitter account that he was bisexual.

He tweeted a photo with a lengthy message of him coming out. He admitted that even as early as his early teens, he “started to find boys and girls attractive“. Additionally, he also had an “experience with a male that I had an attraction to who he also worked and grew up with“.


It seemed like the singer has been keeping his secret to himself for the longest time, as he mentioned that there was a “weight and burden” that he “wanted to be lifted off of him“.

Right now that it’s out in the open – congratulations, Aaron! We admire your bravery, and we’re ultimately happy for you. Love definitely wins!

Also just recently, his official Twitter account revealed a selfie of him that he is doing better and is on the road to recovery. We’re in high hopes that he’ll feel better soon!


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