ENTERTAINMENT: Lara Quigaman’s appreciation post for her husband will make you AWW!

You know you’ve found ‘The One’ when you’re absolutely happy with that person despite the trials that may come your way – heck, this person faces these trials with you and makes sure you don’t go into the battlefield alone.

Actress and former beauty queen Lara Quigaman has left fans and netizens touched with her appreciation post for her husband, actor Marco Alcaraz. The two have been married through a civil ceremony since 2011 and wed again in a Christian ceremony held in Cavite last 2012.

The post reads:

This yummy man buys me siomai in the middle of the night when I ask him to, he makes sure I have a pitcher of water beside our bed every night because he knows I get thirsty. He doesn’t complain when I keep sending him downstairs to get me food, he does my errands, he massages me, he lets me sleep longer, he lets me pinch and slap him pag nanggigigil ako… he prays for me and reminds me to be kind 2764 to the most patient man I know and hands down best husband ever.. I love you. Thank you for taking care of me! 1f61a? @marcoalcaraz

Can we have someone like Marco Alcaraz too, please? <3 They’re both lucky to have each other!

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Header photo credit goes to Lara Quigaman.